Everyone is familiar with the Caribbean Sea. Panama is one of the coastal areas of the Caribbean sea and the southernmost of the central American nations. One can also argue that Panama is also the coastal area of the Pacific Ocean Panama connects two oceans.

All people of Panama are secured under the constitutional democratic system. In 1502 Columbus explored and later on in 1513 Balboa also discovered this place. The original name of Panama is a republic of Panama. The land area of the Panama is 29340 sq meter and the total area is measured 30,193 sq meter. The total population is about 35 lakhs. The population growth is very less and clarified by a statistical measurement i.e. the birth rate is 19.17 per 1000 people where the infant mortality rate 11.32. However the life expectancy is in good order i.e. 77.96. Panama is sparsely populated 115 in countable per sq meter. The capital of Panama is Panama City which is a very populated city in Panama. Most of the people in Panama live in Panama City which is around 12.7 lack. But around 8.8 lakhs people lived in proper city. There are many other cities in Panama, the best among the except Panama city is San Miguelito where 3 Lac people are living in and another is Tocumen approximately 88 thousand people are living in. The humidity and the temperature of Panama is often lower than Florida. However the hill and mountain areas are cool and windy. The coastal area of the Caribbean Sea is more rainy and humid than the Pacific coastal area. Azuero Peninsula which is situated on the south coast is the driest place in Panama. At the border of Costa Rica, David is the hottest place in Panama. Being a place near the equator the length of the day is 12 hours. So the sunrise and sunset are approx 6:20 am and 6:20 pm respectively. Because of the same length of day and night time it never gets hurricanes.

Since it is among the adjacent places of the equator, it has many places to visit. Many visitors come to visit Panama throughout the year. So the hotels and shopping malls and complexes are built up in the Panama. To attract visitor some duty-free shopping in Panama you will find in some places. One might be thinking that the prices might be high or sometimes they are exaggerated. However the fact is that the purchases are high as well as low in price. In some places like Via Espana both high and low budget shops are available. Not only the shops for clothes, however will you find the grocery stores and pharmacies. Modern shopping mall is also available with all types of garments. The incredible feature i.e. the canal. Panama City itself is full of landmark, shops, restaurant, bars and nightlife which is the best ambience for the week-end.

Panama is not only famous for duty free garments; it is also historically famous for the Bridge of the World. Panama City itself is full of landmark, shops, restaurant, bars and nightlife.