A Safari Trip to Kenya

Kenya is a well known tourist destination and there are many beautiful sites to look at especially the safari trip. The Kenyan culture is very interesting and amazing. The mouth watering foods are something that you will remember throughout your life. There are many activities that you can do there and the wildlife adds to the beauty of Kenya.

Masai Mara Game Reserve - This is one of the most amazing game parks in the entire world and it is Kenyan portion of the Serengeti Plains. You can get to see all kind of animals here and if you are the one who love the nature then this is the most ideal spot for you. The herds of wildebeest say about 1.3 million and zebras (400,000) are always the center of attraction. During the months of May and June the herds move from towards the north that is from the Serengeti in Tanzania in search of water and arrives in the Masai Mara by the middle of July. The southward return begins in the mid-October. The herd is accompanied by natural predators and it includes especially the prides of lion.

Mount Kenya National Park - This is the second highest mountain in Africa and this continent is itself very famous for trekking and mountain climbing. Batain and nelion are the two highest peaks with an elevation of 5,199 m. and 5,188 m respectively. These two are well known for technical climbing skills. Point lenana is the third highest peak and can only be reached by hikers who really have good skills. This climbing usually takes 3 days.

Lake Nakuru National Park - This is a swallow and alkaline lake, the ideal place for flamingoes. If you visit the place you will go crazy about the millions of flamingoes that houses there. You can easily sight four thousand species of birds in this park and it also serves as a sanctuary for endangered species like black rhinos and other. This park is also the home of various game species like leopard.

Amboseli National Park - The dramatic setting of this park makes it more attractive. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and it has an elevation of about 19,340 feet and is situated across the Tanzanian border. You can see that most of the animals are clinging to the grasslands and swamps in the middle of the park. This park is an oasis for lions, buffaloes, cheetahs and more than 420 species of birds. This is one of the most famous parks in Kenya where you can see herds of elephants, near the Ekongo Narok Swamp.

Lake Turkana - This Lake droops down from the border of Ethiopia and is extended nearly around 200 miles from north to south. It also stretches 30 miles at its widest point and is the fourth largest lake in Africa. Because of its amazing color it is known as the jade sea. This lake is surrounded all over by extraterrestrial landscape followed by a beautiful ambience.