Hotels in Salisbury

Guide to the Hotels in Salisbury

Hotels in Salisbury can be very the best places to stay if you are in Salisbury. The cathedral city Salisbury is renowned  for its  Stonehenge as it   has many prehistoric monuments.It is located on the plains of Salisbury south  –east of  Wiltshire.Traveling in Salisbury is easy tends to be quite easy. One can get public transport all over the place.  Beside, a railway station in the city center provides  connectivity to major cities. Intercity Bus services are also there.A short drive  will take you to the ancient cathedral of Salisbury. There are many things to see  in Salisbury  .They are – Salisbury cathedral, stone Henge, Longleat and Stour head gardens, the old Sarum, The close. Salisbury cathedral  is the world heritage site. Tourist from all  over London come to Salisbury to visit the cathedral. You can get good hotels in Salisbury at a very good rate.

Salisbury provides a variety of accommodation. From hotels , to  guest house, bed and breakfast you can get everything. You can also choose cottages for family privacy, camp or caravan.The Bishopstrow  hotel  is no doubt a very luxurious hotel in Salisbury. All the bedrooms have their own character from modern to traditional. Rooms are furnished with modern furniture. Some rooms have  designer wallpapers  and fabrics decorated on the walls. All the rooms have  internet facilities and satellite Tv .This hotel is mostly booked  for weddings. With indoor and outdoor swimming pool one can swim and sip cocktail and enjoy the wonderful sunset .

The mulberry hotel offers a magical dining experience. With contemporary interior designing, wooden flooring, walls made of colored stones and huge  window from  floor to ceiling for a view to the beautiful garden. You can also choose there an outdoor dining area  on warmer days.For people who don’t want to spend too much on hotels , they can look for hostels too. They are safe, well furnished , decorated  and most importantly clean. It is good for a large number of people , young people and families.

Salisbury city is full of pubs , Ghost pubs, country pubs, city pubs, garden pubs. You can enjoy the atmosphere and their food and drink at a reasonable price. The city market place  offers café shops, perfect for a morning latte , or  a sip of refreshing  cappuccinos to relax the mind from the whole day work. You can try out their  sandwiches, pastry  wrap, home baked cookies and cakes. The cozy little café will surely energize you.

Farmhouse  are not so luxurious but they offer three quarter meal on the farm.Guest house provides rooms more than three. You can cook your own  food but sometime they provide a meal in their canteen.

There are plenty to choose in Salisbury, but  before booking them its better to check it online. Online booking has the facility for you to choose your own room at your own pace of time. You might get discount booking online.