Montreal, Canada

Montreal Canada offers a chain of vibrant hotels along with being a safe place. It is one of the charming places in North America and has its unique culture derived from the antecedents of the 17th and the 18th century.  Old Montreal has the Point Calliere museum, which explores the ancient architecture of the city in the form of the archaeological studies along with the artefacts. This place has a lot of restaurants along with being a shopper’s paradise. One can easily fill in a day here.

To establish your prominence in Montreal, the Mount Royal is there. To go to the top of the peak one can avail a bus, car or a bike. One can enjoy the great view and take a stroll in the park. In addition to this there is a small playground, lookouts along with pathways. If one has a car access to the park is free. Around 36,000 pieces of collection of arts by the Canadian and international tourists are displayed in the Montreal museum of fine arts. Scriptures, drawings unique art objects are present from eternity till today in this museum.

Montreal Casino, compromising of 6 floors in 3 buildings happens to be the largest casino in the country and the tenth largest in the world. It offers a varied architectural landscape and contains of two major pillars derived from the Montreal expo held in the year 1967. This casino is open twenty four hours a day and seven days in a week, though it is opened to individuals above the age of 18.

In terms of market experience the Jean Talon market offers you the best in terms of deriving the best value. One can mingle and purchase the same foods as the local residents do. Other than the normal market stuff the place has lot of interesting shops in the form of kitchen gadgets, oils along with spices. 

For the Roman Catholics a popular place of worship is the Saint Joseph’s Oratory which is famous for its historical and architectural significance. This place was discovered by a man in the year 1900 who was known to perform miracles of sorts. It stands as the highest point in the country and happens to the third largest dome in the country.

The Olympic landmark which was built in the year 1976 happens to be a popular landmark in Montreal. This was build by the world famous architect Roger Tallibert. Though this building had its own share of controversies since the public opinion to the building was limited. Other than the traditional Olympic buffs this structure had no major sort of utility. This stadium is a famous tourist attraction and organises sporting along with special events of small magnitude. Just adjacent to this place is the Botanical gardens which also is a popular tourist destination. A visit to Montreal Canada would be incomplete without catching a glimpse of these wonders