Prague, Czech Republic

 In the eastern and western Europe Prague, Czech Republic happens to be one of the most beautiful cities. The connection between the old town of Prague and new Town of Prague which is known as the Charles Bridge also referred to as the Karlov Most is a replica of Prague life. This place tends to be a popular joint for food along with the local vendors. This place attracts tourists from dawn to dusk and is always crowded with locals along with tourists

 Though one may require several hours to explore, the effort is all the more worth. In this place one can watch the changing nature of the castle guard, watch the artistic wonder of the various centuries going back to the era of the medieval church kings and in the evenings enjoy a classical musical concert.

Maintaining functionality along with movement the Dancing building attracts lot of visitors. The innovative design along with the unique curvature has given it an artistic look of sorts. It is also known by the alternate name of Fred and Ginger. If one really wants to enjoy the view of the dancing building make it a point to reserve a table at the top floor. Another notable tourist attraction is the municipal house which is charming from both the interiors as well as the exteriors. The credit for developing such high class architectural splendours goes to the some of the leading artists in the beginning of the 20th century.

If spending a day at Prague castle is in your agenda, then you need to visit St Cathedral on all counts. This place provides host to some of the finest works by the ancient artists of the Czech Republic. Alfons Mucha has designed the Gothic Cathedral which boosts of a beautiful rose like window along with a stained glass of sorts. This tourist attraction would not be popular even if it is not free, but because of paying a nominal fee for entering the premises this place tends to be very popular.

Other than all these tourist attractions in the Old town Square of Prague the Astronomical clock tends to be a popular attraction. Though the original parts of the clock dates back to the early eras’ of 1400, constant updatation with the clock has taken place over the centuries. Upon every passing hour figures emerge from the clock, one should be prepared for the crowd’s mechanisms to catch a glimpse of the clock; this tends to be all the more when one is taking snapshots. The Old Prague town is an epitome of the ancient life and culture. One can be part of a huge round of activates in the form of dining, shopping, listening to music along with viewing some of the local festivals which happen once in a while. Most of these festivals are located in the historic square of the city.