By "pixels hair" to camouflage: the color expert Redken, Gian Maria Manaresi, tells the latest trends and new coloring techniques to create strands of hair colored and fluorescent.

Once the task to give a touch of life to look - but most of joy mood - was reserved for accessories and make-up: a gold clutch bag, red lipstick or a nail polish orange (but also floral or geometric watches manicure trends of spring). Today there is a new accessory to play with: the hair color.

No longer just blond, red, black or brown: we went back to the '90s to borrow the mascara for hair, transforming it into dust, chalk, spray and markers (see all colored heads of the stars) to use for the touch neon. How? The Redken haircolor expert, Gian Maria Manaresi, tells the latest trends in color.

"When you want to try a strong color, consglio not to do the whole head, but the portions, to be interpreted as accessories to change: one of the trends in creating fluorescent strands is to choose pieces very visible, as it was prior to the tips, then for the roots, or with the strands of hair more superficial ".

The technical trend and contrary to the colored tips and the shatush is the camouflage: "The color is hidden, part from the root but covers the hair under, maybe in the contour of the face, and you see when moving or when changing styling, maybe collecting hair in a ponytail or half a tail. it is a technique that has had so much success last Redken Symposium in Las Vegas.

"The color to which pay more attention, because it is good for a few, is the acid green, while for example the green oil is a very versatile color. In general, red, fuchsia and purple are best on dark heads, while pink, lilac and pastel shades of hairstyles clear. "