Tainos is an ethnic community who are indigenous aboriginal people of Puerto Richo. This place is a famous island of North eastern  part of the Caribbean. Puerto Rico consists of an archipelago. There are numbers of islands surrounding  it;. The total area depicts  the smallest island of the Greater Antilles. The aesthetic of this island is, that having its smallest area it has the  third largest population among that group of four islands, which also include Cuba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica. Inhabitants of this place enjoy the tropical climate due to its location. However Atlantic hurricane season may be experienced by island people.

An epoch in the November 19, 1493 says that Christopher Columbus discovered this island during his voyage to the Americas which was the second journey into  Spain.  The Spanish colonized the island and drag indigenous people to slavery and history says due to a European infectious disease nearly wiped out. In the  first two decades of  the fifteenth century .In 1815 the Spanish Crown keeps the island to gain independence and amended Royal decree of Graces. The decree was signified in three languages that are Spanish, English and French and the main thing is that the agenda of the decree fostered the hundreds of non Spanish European immigrants.

Puerto Rico is officially recognized as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It is an unincorporated territory of  the United States. The island was depicted in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic, west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

The island is about 100 miles long and 25 miles wide or roughly the size of Connecticut and full of scenic beauty and loveliness and some of natural and man made wonders. Any nature lover will admire the adventure of this place. If you are planning to visit this place, no doubt this place will be the best place as a coastal area. Any one or any person from any corner of  the world can come here to spend a blissful time. The official language is Spanish and English however most of the Puerto Ricans speak English. Basically it is a U.S. territory hence  the US dollar is the official currency. U.S. immigrants do not need a  passport or a currency converter. Perhaps the role of the government has been all the more active in this regard. Lots of initiatives have been taken in this regard realizing that tourism is a natural money spinner

A Few thousand years ago the people from different corner used to visit at least once for traditional and ceremonial parks to learn about Pre-Columbian history. Many of us have seen the different types of mascot used for good luck at different religion. Coqui is one type of unofficial mascot of Puerto Rico which is a tiny tree frog. You will find this only in Puerto Rico and will find the symphony like “ko-kee” all around the island.