Restaurants in Birmingham

Restaurants in Birmingham are available at affordable ranges. According to the budget of the customers different offers are offered to them. Every restaurant is famous for their own recopies and services. These restaurants are the great place for recreation and relaxation. Opus, Asha's Restaurant and Bar as well as The Warehouse Café are the most famous restaurants in the city. The recipes prepared by them are so delicious and tasty that you cannot stop by having only one. Each and every individual restaurant represent something special such as Opus present premium British cooking without pretension, Asha's Restaurant and Bar is owned by the Bollywood singer Asha Bohsle and many more are there. The services offered by them are in a decent and well arranged manner. Some specialties about the restaurants have been described below.

Even though the dishes prepared in the restaurants are fresh and exotic still they are sold at an affordable price. Some of the restaurants are famous for the location where they are made. Although the food items of the restaurants are cheaper as compared to other restaurants, but they are healthy to eat. The recipes that are prepared in the restaurants represents something related to their area


Without the astronomical price tag as well as prevention Opus is still able to present the British premium cooking. Even though one always expect astronomical price tag and protection from a high-end self-service restaurant. The ingredients that are being used for preparing the recipes in Opus are always fresh and pure. Every day the staff of Opus goes to the local market in search of fresh seafood and other necessary ingredients. For non-vegetarian recipes meat and free-range poultry are delivered on a daily basis. Even though the recipes are prepared with fresh ingredients still the price of the recopies are reasonable. pan-fried quail salad with quail's eggs as well as Carlingford rock oysters are the most popular dishes of Opus. The location of the restaurant is very beautiful and graceful.

Asha's Restaurant and Bar

Asha's Restaurant and Bar is owned by Asha Bohsle the Bollywood singer. This restaurant is famous for its exciting Indian cuisine. The mostly served food recipes are the traditional North Western Indian cooking. The seating arrangement of the restaurant makes the restaurant more ideal. Orange and dark stained wood are the base for decorating the restaurant. Each and every dish of the restaurant is prepared to perfection.

The Warehouse Café

It is being said that low cost food are not healthy, buy the food items of The Warehouse Café proved it wrong. The food items that are available here are healthy even though they are cheap. It’s a trendy vegetarian restaurant. Cheap, and light meals are served in the restaurant. The cumin-dressed carrots and irresistible pita breads are included in the main course of the restaurant.