Property in Oxford

Property in Oxford is a mixed plate of small size flats to large council homes. Oxford is also known as the city of Dreaming Spires is a world famous city known for its is a University and history. It has been a home to scholars and royalty for more than 800 years .It was a small town earlier which got converted to a bustling cosmopolitan city with its new high tech park, communities and business in the town. Among the places to visit in Oxford the Bodleian Library is a good place for bookworms which have a wide range of books, the Ashmolean museum which is one of the oldest museums in the world. You can also visit the river side and the club Oxford United.


The Oxford city with a combination of ancient and modern touch has a lot to offer to its tourist as well as residents .If you are coming to Oxford for the first time you can easily find many hostels, apartments, guesthouses for accommodation .In the inner city the houses have many terraces and council homes, which are large in number. In the outer city there are many family homes .Around 151,000 people live within the district.


You can find property for sale in Oxford in its South east area which includes Didcot, Thame, Wallingford, Wanatge, Bampton, Bicestor, Burford, Faringdon, Cateron, Abingdon and many others. A flat in Oxford will cost around £235,146 a semi-detached house will cost around £366.080, a detached house will cost around £636,698. You can even get a terraced house for £323.834.Among all the type of properties a terraced house is very popular among the buyers as its sold most. You can find a flat varying from 1BHK to 6BHK whose cost varies from £172.759 to £1.235.220 accordingly. There is also self catering accommodation available for short term stay which offers all the comfort of home.


If you want to buy a property in Oxford there are many real estate agents and property agents letting and selling all types of property in Oxford .You can find long term as well as short term residential property and also property services like mortgage advisor or property management agents and consultants , advertisement for rental properties and also commercial property . It is suggested that if one is a novice to the place it is better to take the help of such agents. They tend to help you in the search of the property till the point one moves into it. In a way they act as a friend , philosopher as well as a guide.