Visit Rio, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is one of the major tourist attractions of the world. A visit to this place is a testimony to the fact that Mother Nature has its blessings on the wonderful place. In a way it could be referred to as the paradise on the earth. The wonderful city is covered by the green forests along with the rain forests of the Atlantic and the revitalizing Samba music add a new splendour to the place. No tourist place is complete without the active support of the local population and the people are extremely friendly and cordial. They are very easy to get along, always smiling and ready to help.

Incidentally if you are camping in Copacabana then you are at one of the largest beaches in the world. This happens to be the finest tourist attraction of the region. A city guide is provided to the tourists where on the walk they can get all the local information. It is strongly recommended to avail this facility while you are on the move. Some of the other major tourist attractions in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil are depicted below

The people of Brazil generally referred to as the Sambas have been sports buffs. The icing on the cake has been the country getting the rights to the world cup football in the year 2014. Maracana is the stadium which is termed as the god of soccer in this part of the world and the country happens to have the best football team in the world also. The stadium is very giant and can hold close to more than 1, 00,000 at a time. If football is what excites you the most then it is recommended to be a witness to a match in this stadium between the local clubs. Apart from the stadium there is a museum attached to the stadium where one can catch a glimpse of all the sports trophies, photos and replicas of the football greats of the country.

If nature is one on your mind then the botanical garden or Jardim Botanico which is spread over an area of 340 acres is a major tourist attraction of the place. In terms of species more than 5000 variety of sub tropical plants along with 900 varieties of palms are there in this garden. On a more precise level the garden is a perfect place to chill out during a hot summer afternoon when the temperatures outside tend to be very hot. In short it is much cooler inside the garden. Placed on top of a peak which is about 2300 feet high the statue of Christ is also one of the major tourist attractions of the place.

Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful place- absolutely no doubt about it. But it’s the local people and the local flavour of the place which is going to attract your attention the most. It is surely worth a visit by you, by your family and by your colleagues.