If you are planning for a tour outside of your country then Shanghai,China will be always the best place  to enjoy. You can also have fun while you are in this city.

Tasting different type of foods is a part of travelling. Shanghai is also famous for cuisine food and Shanghai chefs know how to adopt  to  the different aspects of the  best  cuisines and make  their own dishes. They have nationalized their style of food. All of us are familiar with Chinese food and it reaches to  every corner of the world. So tourists specifically can teste different Chinese dishes and Chinese snacks. You can also get a wide range of other delicious food.Though Shanghai has  always  oriented to the western culture, the city also celebrates all traditional holidays, like International labor day,children’s day, spring festival, and other national day. They bring a

special flavor in the city life by organizing different cultural events.  They provide all the information about the different types of Chinese dishes. One can go through them and choose on that suits their bill on all counts.


Especially the spring festival has an importance in the  Chinese people. This is not only the celebration of a season, it has other aspects. This spring festival is the time for colorful activities, is full of rich, family reunion, new starting of new hope and flowers blossoming. At this time visitors, tourists, and different ethnic group from different region come to enjoy and celebrate the festival. If you are planning for a tour outside of your country then Shanghai will be always a good selection to enjoy. You can also have fun while you are in this city. You will test the different culture and varieties of
food that is available all over the world.



Despite the influence of the western culture it also cares about its uniqueness for the hundreds of years like the Bund River and Huangpu River is decorated with the different architectures. These thousand years old architecture is also the attraction of the tourists.  The Bund is also the symbol of the river. In the Nanjing road is one of the commercial street in China that is also a famous landmark in this city. You may find hundred of shops and shopping mall within the five to six kilometers. So it can also be assumed that approximately  two millions  people visit daily. Each and every design is available in this market. You will find all luxurious worlds most famous brands.


There are many famous gardens in Shanghai city, Yuyuan Garden is one of them.  It is only an oldest garden with Qing and Ming architectural styles which is designed with six areas. Each of these has its unique design. An adjacent God temple is also situated. So, various types of snack centers are scattered around the temple and the nearby streets.

In the nineteenth century the White Hade Buddhas were brought which is famous as the  Jade Buddha temple. It is famous because that statue was brought from Burma.

In Shanghai you can also get your taste buds pampered by gorging over the different varieties of exotic food which are on offer here.