Restaurants in Southampton

With  winter  knocking the door step, and Christmas decoration  brightening the streets of  Southampton  why not make your wintry night more special. With your fixed budgets the  restaurants in Southampton will never disappoint you .From cheap to luxurious menu, the city provides  variety of cuisine which one can gobble to their hearts delight

Eating out in Southampton will relax your mind while you are trying out good food and wine. Whether it's winter or summer the restaurants are always  in demand all season long. There are many restaurants which offer a pre theatre meal. But prior  reservation is necessary to gain admission to these restaurants.

 A glance at some of the places where you can try some exotic  dishes are depicted as  below

  • Tonic bar – a place where you can sip martini and gulp down some juicy kebabs and enjoy the moment to the fullest possible. It also offers an outer terrace to spend moments with friends or relatives.
  • The Golden palace Chinese restaurant  provides you with  authentic Chinese food where one can dine to their heart’s content
  • Spiker Inn- In terms of eating and dinning this place is a must visit for sure.
  • Dock O Bay - If fresh food is what appeals who then this is the place to be

For those you want to be more adventurous and  do not mind  trying out different food sLos Marinos is the place where they can try out some exotic dishes. Their specialties include  seafood  of the highest order. Not forgetting the  people who are vegetarian,  there are not much restaurants in Southampton which offers  veg menus. You can try out for Thai or  Indian restaurant. One of the restaurants in this regard is Olive tree which provides you with  Mediterranean experience. It serves  excellent  veg menus cooked in olive oil and  mozzarella cheeseThe taste of Thai restaurant  provides veg menus as well as non veg menus. They  provide live music on a regular basis.

If you drool for  spicy food, then spice of  India  located in the commercial road which specializes in a  variety of  curry, meat, and many vegetarian dishes. The atmosphere of the restaurant is  relaxing and refreshing, and you can enjoy a satisfying meal.

Bleu  the  finest wine and  grill  gallery offers 40 different and  finest wines in the city to enhance  your dining experience. The food  preparation is classic  in terms of ambience and the  decoration  of the restaurant  will shift  you to another  world. The wine is served with meat or seafood.

 In terms of budgets as well as the type of cuisine one can get all the information. In addition to this special events along with the opening as well as closing time of the restaurants could be found out as well.