Visit Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy is an enchanting place and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is situated in Italy and it deserves a visit – the outstanding and baroque architecture, the canals and the secret history that lies in every corner make this place a unique one in the entire world. A trip to Italy is not completed without visiting the beautiful Venice. This is a romantic destination and one of the most preferable choices of all couples. There are several places of attractions in Venice and this city is also known as the city of bridges. It is said that if you even stay for more than a year in Venice, Italy you will not able to discover a fraction of the secret. In this article I will describe some of the most beautiful places of Venice.

Rialto is one of the highest districts in Venice and it has a huge vegetable market followed by the most famous rialto bridge that gives a pleasurable view over the canal Grande. The sigh bridge is known as the famous interesting spot in Venice. This bridge connects the Doge’s prison with the inquisitor’s rooms in the main palace.

Again if you spend a romantic evening then take a cruise to the famous gondolas. You can make your trip memorable with the gondoliers singing at the background. If you have a tight budget then you can take a water bus that comes at cheap rates. The islands of Murano are well known for excursions and are popular for the mouth blown glass.

Correr Museum was built in the 18 centuries when Venice was the kingdom of Italy. This museum got it name from Teodoro Correr who was a member of the one of the old Venetian aristocracy family. This is decorated in the most beautiful manner and it reflects the empire style. The designs are made intriquate with awesome patterns and looks.

The academia gallery is the art museum of Venice is the main center of attraction for all the art-lovers because this gallery has one of the greatest collections of masterpieces from all around the world. Thematic displays are also found here and usually the collections are arranged in a chronological order. This place was discovered by the grand duke, Pietro Leopoldo in the year 1784.

La fenice theatre is known to be an official theater for the aristocrat Venetian families from the very beginning. On the 1st of November 1789 a competition was announced for the construction of fenice and Giannantonio Selva was selected. He finished this exclusive masterpiece in an exemplary rapidity and completed by April 1792.

Since the 17th century this was the residential place of the Mocenigo family who was known for being one of the most important families in Venice. From 1414 to 1778 seven members of the family became doges. This huge structure was built in a gothic style and again it was rebuilt in 17th century. Many famous personalities like Thomas Moore, Wortley Montague, Lord Byron, and others stayed here as guests.