Sydney, Australia


The savage country Australia  is rated the hottest tourist destinations in the world. You might wonder why, but from surfing on the beaches , shopping in the big cities, enjoying the vibrant nightlife , hiking on the harbor, enjoying the hills and valleys, exploring the wildlife  Sydney , Australia offers  everything for everyone.  Sydney is the most beautiful city in Australia with the perfect mild weather. Whether you want to choose  a sight scene  for your  vacation or engage in adventurous activity  this travel destination is ideal for you.

Visiting an Opera house , Sydney harbor  bridge is a must while  visiting Sydney. No trip would be complete without seeing these two iconic  places. You can walk to the bridge  and get an aerial view of the city. You can check out the art galleries in the city , which are absolutely free and they have frequent guide tour .

Must visit place  in Sydney, Australia.

I am free tour – you can plan  a walking  trip with I am free tour. Its a 3 hour city tour where you will be able to see all the major places in Sydney like   Sydney harbor , Sydney opera house, Hyde park, and  St Mary cathedral.

The opera house, the iconic performing center has many restaurants and halls. One can enjoy ballet, operas, plays.

St Mary cathedral – tourist can have a guided tour of this cathedral on Sunday. It is a Gothic church with bright floors and spectacular glass painted windows.

Great barrier reefs- Is the hot spot for tourists. No visit is completed  without visiting the great barrier reef. It is a paradise for surfers but for people who prefer something more relaxing why not sail in Whitsunday island.

Sydney aquarium – Sydney’s one of the most visited place is the Sydney  aquarium. It has the largest collection of marine creature including penguins. Seeing sharks , great barrier reef and walking beneath the ocean bed can be a life time experience.

Wine tour , Hunter valley  – Check out some fine wines, beer , pet kangaroos and koala bears  enjoy the scenic beauty of the hunter valley. You can  hike around the place too.


Shopping  guide:

No vacation is complete without shopping. Head straight to the  Rocks market. An open air market for tourists for buying  gift items , handmade bath and body products, souvenirs Paddington market which opens only on Saturday offer  various Australian  goods. If you are those flee market lovers , paddy’s street and Haymarket are the ideal shopping paradise for you. Quality inexpensive items from house ware items, jewelry, CD , books, souvenirs to fresh fruits and vegetables , you will get everything. Sydney may be expensive but it has its share of attractions which will surely be attracting you towards them.