What would have happened without social networking and the internet?

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You cannot ask what would have happened without social media and not ask about the internet. The two are undeniably linked together. The internet is the greatest resource mankind has ever known is it said “Everything is in it”. You ask a question, you press enter and that’s it, it’s done. You have your answer.

When asking other people, what are the main things they do on the internet, they answer with social media and news. The internet is a huge library of knowledge and entertainment available 24/7 at every corner of the world. It’s an incredible invention helping everyone and a great way to escape from reality, shop, spy on neighbours, plan routes, check & pay bills… the list is endless.

Without the internet, you wouldn’t be able to connect to everyone. The notion of “on-line” would not had been invented and surfing the web would be taken literally and no one would understand what you were talking about. “How can you surf a web?”

Shopping would still be done exclusively in shops or through a catalogue. You couldn’t send email or communicate instantly with anyone apart from if you picked up the phone. Thinking about it, lots of jobs wouldn't have been created and Internet Specialists wouldn't even exist. Investor/brokers would have to go the old fashion way and the economy wouldn't have the same global impact.

The degrees of separation would stay at 6 and not at 3.6 like it is today with the virtual link we have with people we haven’t even met. You want to keep in touch with people, at any distance, at any time? An internet connection is all you need.

The world would have been very different and more restrained. A quick survey could easily show that the world would look smaller without the internet. The limited access to worldwide information would make us feel more alone.

Right now, if the internet stops, so do we. We have forgotten how to socialise without its presence. Even in a group, we can’t resist the urge to check our phone. We look for notifications, calls and texts. It’s a vicious circle we are stuck in, a web we cannot escape.

If we look at recent views of the human mind on the world, it is said that it will only get worse. How long will it take before we only speak on-line? It’s a very scary thought indeed. Human kind has been able to evolve from a single cell organism to the dominating species on our planet and communication was a key factor in it!

I am not talking of the chat you have with your partner when the relationship slows down. I am talking about human beings stopping what they are doing to exchange knowledge, work on a problem, find multiple solutions and finally create something new! 

We are who we are today because great minds have stopped what they were doing for a bit and discussed common issues together. The world is how it is because your ancestors got together and created useful tools throughout the centuries or millennia.

Don’t get me wrong, the internet is a marvel of human achievement and without it we would not have seen half as many advances in key fields.  Think about the advances made in space travel, medicine, banking, performing arts, literature and many more, without the internet we would still be in the 1950’s.

However, next time you are sitting in a bar or restaurant and you get the urge to check your phone for any status updates, why not resist and continue talking to the interesting people that you are actually with.