This guy is making a living out of looking like Ed Sheeran

This chap has been dubbed the UK’s best Ed Sheeran tribute.

Jack Shephard has made a bit of a career out of looking – and sounding – like the Grammy-nominated artist.

Jack, from Reading, has been performing for the past four years, but after people constantly compared him to Ed he decided to go with it and become a tribute act for the last seven months.

The 23-year-old says his resemblance to Ed is so uncanny that he’s even been stopped in the street by fans, and is scheduled to fill in for the Sing star at an upcoming wedding.

VIDEO FROM CATERS FEED    PIC BY MERCURY PRESS - (PICTURED: JACK SHEPHERD IN A RECORDING STUDIO) Meet the UK's best Ed Sheeran lookalike who is mobbed in the street by fans and is even set to fill in for the chart topping star at an upcoming wedding. Jack Shepherd, from Reading, has been performing for the past four years and has carved a successful career out of his similar appearance - and voice - to Ed. The 23-year-old has been performing for around four years, but after constant comparisons to the flame-haired star Jack began performing as a tribute act seven months ago. And with Ed Sheeran topping the charts on both sides of the atlantic with his 2014 album' X' - Jack's career has skyrocketed too...SEE MERCURY COPY

Jack has been stopped in the street by fans over his striking resemblance to Ed (Picture: Mercury Press)

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With Ed recently taking over the world with his latest LP X, Jack has found demand for his own act has picked up.

Shepherd’s website reads: ‘Jack brings you an authentic live performance, not only does he sound like Ed but he has an uncanny resemblance even down to the trademark ginger hair.

Is that you Ed?

What do you think? Uncanny or not? (Picture: Getty Images)

‘Can you get any closer with both being the same height, same age, even the same shoe size!’