Save Jeremy Clarkson petition surpasses ‘No more Page 3′ campaign in a day: What does this say about modern Britain?

People of Britain: what is going on?

Just a day on from the dramatic suspension of Jeremy Clarkson and the subsequent cancellation of remaining Top Gear episodes, a petition to save his job currently stands at 303,000 signatures and continues to grow.

As pointed out by public Twitter figure Guido Fawkes (@GuidoFawkes) this therefore means that it has achieved more signatures in 24 hours than three years of campaigning against The Sun’s Page Three had accumulated.

Guido Fawkes tweet

Sad stat (Picture @GuidoFawkes Twitter)


The most proliferant #NoMorePage3 campaign on Change.org has so far secured 242,337 signatures. Having been set up in 2012, this had taken a great deal of hard work and time to achieve.

So why has Jeremy Clarkson, who has by all accounts been suspended for an incident of violence, getting more support than an attempt to tone down the needless over sexualisation of women?

Save Jeremy Clarkson petition overtakes #NoMorePageThree in a single day

Knowledgeable but intolerant: Your typical Jeremy Clarkson fan

Are we really a society that will offer more support to a television figure known for causing offence and outrage than for a gender simply seeking equality.

Yep, it might just be today’s most disheartening news folks.

Jeremy Clarkson recently made light of the situation on Twitter, posting the following:


The fight goes on to get him reinstated just like the fight to lessen the exploitation of females also goes on but appears to be doing so less successfully.

The petition to halt page three, should you wish to learn more, can be found here.

And here is the petition to save Jeremy Clarkson’s job, if you fancy giving that a sign too.