Visiting Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan happens to be preferred destination for millions of tourists from all over the world. A visit to Japan would be incomplete without visiting Tokyo. In spite of nature having a limiting influence on this place the people of Japan have compensated it with the man made technology. It has reached such a scenario now that out of the top 10 brands in the world Japanese brands are at least seven in number. Riding on the bullet train can itself be a starting experience as it travels at a speed of close to 200 kms.

The beauty of the city is not confined to the traditional limits of the interiors but extends beyond it. In fact it is a mix of modern along with traditional values.  The friendly nature of the people have gone a long way in attracting millions of tourists from all over the world and the government initiatives  in this regard have been of the highest order. From 6 million visitors in the year 2007 the country is planning to increase the number of visitors to 12 million in this current fiscal year. The agency of tourism had made whole hearted efforts in this regard of convincing the people to visit the country.

Shinjuku is one of the most famous tourist destinations in this place. It is a sort of famous skyscraper within the premises of the city. It had its origin in the year 1970 and had some new towers are added to it. Incidentally it happens to be having the largest railway station which attracts close to 2 million passengers a day. There are three major facets of life in this region. The offices nightlife along with the shopping. In terms of shopping there is a plethora of departmental stores where one can purchase to a wide variety of items. The Park Hyatt hotel is an ideal epitome for the night life in this region and it became famous for the Lost in Translation. The city is a famous hangout with a variety of lounges as well as bars.

Ginza is another famous tourist attraction in Tokyo, Japan. It is a shopping paradise as it is the home to some of the famous luxury brands on the local as well as the international frontiers. The shops are designed in boutiques which is customer friendly. If you happen to have children with you and their entertainment is in your minds then make it a point to visit the twin centres of Harajuku and Shibuya. The culture of the new generation teens are displayed along with the dresses they wear which replicates the place. Other than the latest tourist attractions the traditional ones like the zoos, museums, as well as temples are part of this place. The beauty of Japan is not restricted to Tokyo only but extends beyond it also.


Tokyo, Japan attracts tourists from all over the world.  There are lot of technological wonders associated with this wonderful place.