Guides to Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world.  It is visited by thousands of tourists and there are many reasons behind this.

Rome, Italy is the paradise on earth.  In fact there is no place in Europe which attracts greater number  of visitors to this place. The people of the region are friendly and the climate is of the highest order. This is the precise reason for a large number of tourists flocking to this place and the role of the government has been all the more important. Historically Rome, Italy has a rich history where lot of civilizations have taken place. In terms of wealth of resources there are a host of museums, churches along with restaurants.

The hop –on bus tours is one of the major tourist attractions in the city. The choice of it can be a bit challenging as not more than 20 groups operate the buses. It is suggested to book one close to your hotels and one which covers all the major spots. If one is visiting Rome during the hot summer months of July or August an open roof top bus would be ideal. On a lighter side of things if possible try and visit Rome in the month of September as the weather is ideal during that time. Most of the buses in normal cases have 10 to 15 major stops all over the city. In terms of added features a running commentary on a host of languages is also provided and the tickets are available in the time duration of 24 hours to 48 hours. On all counts it is recommended to purchase the tickets after reaching Rome.

If history is on the minds then the Roman Forum would be an ideal place to visit. This place was the hub for all cultural as well as the economic activities of the ancient Romans. From the era of 7 B.C a lot of things can be seen in this place. Temples, sculptures, buildings are all part of this wonderful place. The Pantheon is another place which is a must see in this part of the world. Considered as a replica of the Olympic gods this was built in the period between 27 A.D to 25 A.D. Though it is another matter of fact that the original temple was destroyed by fire in 80 A.D and new interiors have been designed in this regard. Incitingly still this happens to be the largest concrete dome in the world of today. Really amazing when you consider that it is more than 2000 years old or so. The history and culture of Rome is so appealing that one would like to visit this place more than once.

In the year 609 the building inside it was converted into a church and is still used today. The area surrounding the place is covered with a host of restaurants and cafes where one can have a bite or to. Along with this there are a lot of shops where one can purchase for their near and dear ones. Going by the experience of those who have already visited this place, its safe to say that you wont be disappointed.