The state of Slovenia has a unique location in the heart of the Europe. It is located at the junction of the Alps Mountains with the Mediterranean Sea and the Karst with the Pannonian Plains. This is avery small country with lush greenery extending only up to an area of 20,273 square kilometers. The residents of the country are sincere, full of hospitality and diligent. This country is the producer of the world’s top athletes and highly rich in its cultural heritage due to its glorious history. The goods and services provided by Slovenia are pretty easy in terms of its comparison with the bigger economies of the world. This is mainly due to the use of Euro, which is one of  the World’s major currencies.


The nation is pretty as far as its natural resources and topography is concerned. This is because of the immense natural beauty along with man made architectural grandeurs make it a hotspot for the tourist. It is the tourist who finds himself in a paradoxical situation as he finds difficult to decide which place to visit. In spite of being a small country the people are very proud of their culture. When the brutal attacks of this country it was the monks who had a huge say in preserving the culture of the country.With the Mediterranean climate prevailing in this part of the world this place has freezing winters. The hot summers are a replica of the continental type of climate.

The Hotels in Slovenia are with the motto for every pocket and for every taste. It means that the Slovenian hotels believe that they should give best of the world services to their customers no matter what their budget is. The services that are provided by the Slovenian hotels are best in the industry.. Besides these there are also some of hotels for the budget travelers, as well as motels along the busy roadside for the travelers to stay. Since the place attracts tourists from all over the globe it is suggested to do a survey before hand. There are visa restrictions for people from certain countries. It is suggested to book an advance hotel accommodation so that you do not have to run from pillar to post. The lush greenery, natural beauty as well as the architectural attracts tourists from all over the world. 

The Slovenian cuisine is well known for its health consciousness. The food and drink that are generally used by the Slovenians is almost analogous to the homemade treatment of the stomach ailments. The traditional blending of spices and other Slovenian ingredient are almost used even in the modern day Slovenian cuisines. Besides these the restaurants also provide French, Continental, Asian cuisines etc. Some of the renowned restaurants are Ajdovo zrno, Štefanič Restaurant, A'la carte restavracija, Pri Levu,  Allegria ,Argentino etc.

So it is quite clear that even the country of Slovenia may be small in its area but it has ample things to contribute.