Restaurants in Edinburgh

Restaurants in Edinburgh are the most popular places in the city. Edinburgh which has both hills and sea, is also the capital of Scotland

The famous tourist spots in Edinburgh are Edinburgh castle, the Holyrood Palace, The national gallery. Edinburgh is divided into two cities the new city and the old city. The Edinburgh Castle is in the old part of the city while the national gallery is in the new part of the city. The new City has modern architecture, shopping and many more attractions. Every summer Edinburgh is redecorated and come to live in festival .Live music, dance, opera, and street parties take place during the festival. Edinburgh is a major tourist place. With millions of tourists visiting each year.

The three museums- national gallery house  with amazing sculpture and European painting, The modern museum with the history of people and its rich culture and The Royal Museum holds interest in genetics, remember the ship ”Dolly” world’s first clone done in here, It also specializes in  science technology, art, geology etc.

There are various pubs and restaurants in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a place for whisky. It has a variety of whisky to choose from. Beer can be costlier than whisky. Chivas Regal is one of the famous whisky people prefer. To get a unique whisky tour one can travel to the whisky heritage center which provide an amazing tour providing information about their national drink.

It is a great place for food lovers. There are various of restaurants in Edinburgh  scattered throughout the city. The dark alley of  Old Edinburgh  which somewhat  gives  feeling as if you in Hogwart of Harry Potter. Some of the best restaurants in Edinburgh are –Ondine which serves seafood  like Scottish oyster, delicious finger licking  fish menus, shrimps and  squids. If you want to taste Indian food there are a variety of restaurants with good chef who can make your taste bud dance. From tandoori to Biriyani every restaurants in Edinburgh has its own specialty. Mitas and kismot the two Indian restaurants,which are good for its seafood menus. Kismot is also famous for its curry. The chili they add are imported. Kamasutra restaurant has various  cocktail and drink menus to choose from . The mother India restaurant is famous as many Indians come here to feel taste of India. Its Chana daal and  fish are its famous menu. Each restaurant has a special deal and you might like. These restaurants have pre theatre menus which you might want to check out by 5pm.  Six of Micheline starred  restaurants are there in Edinburgh. They have a variety of menus and you might be spoilt with choices. With its standard atmosphere  you can spend money with your limits or without your limits.