17 things you say goodbye to once you stop being a student

Being a student is both a gift and a curse.

On one hand, you’re living your best years, making friends for life and creating memories you’ll cherish forever.

On the other hand, there are lectures and stuff.

Some things you’ll be happy to leave behind, but others you’ll miss forever.

Here are 17 things you’ll kiss goodbye when you stop being a student.

1. Paying a pound a pint.

2. Going to the library for the entire day and doing nothing but feeling good about yourself as you leave.

3. Binge streaming entire seasons of your favourite show until 5am and getting your mate to sign you in to lectures.

4. 67p Asda pizzas.

5. Midweek partying.


It’s Monday (Picture: Getty)

6. Being able to use the ‘I’m a student’ as an excuse for things like never waking up before noon.

7. Buying Glenn’s vodka instead of Smirnoff because every little helps.


(Picture: Glen’s Vodka)

8. Surviving two weeks without doing laundry and mastering the art of removing stains with baby wipes and ironing tops with hair straighteners.

9. Having dinner at 3am in the form of a burger or kebab after a night of jaeger bombs.

10. Patting yourself on the back for cooking dinner one night a month when you actually conjure up the energy to pour boiling water into a pot noodle.


Dinner (Picture: Alamy)

11. Sleep. Kiss goodbye to that bad boy. No one will sign you in to work while you stay in bed all day, unforch.

12. Going on an epic shopping spree when you get your student loan and living like a pauper until next term.

13. Choosing between alcohol and food.

14. Treating yourself to a sandwich from the reduced section because the sell by date is today.


It was reduced so it’s ok (Picture: Getty)

15. Having to tell your parents you had to buy lots of ‘uni stuff’ but actually you just drank your student loan and the rest of it is hanging in your cupboard.

16. Getting epic discounts by flashing your student card like you’re the FBI.

17. And one we’re glad to see the back of: being so screwed that you resort to calculating the least possible mark you need to pass and not retake the whole year and being completely satisfied when you pass with the bare minimum.

Students, you are the future.