Floyd Mayweather refused to agree to $5m penalty for failed drug test, claims Manny Pacquiao's adviser

Floyd Mayweather Jnr has refused to agree to a $5million (£3.4m) fine should either he or Manny Pacquiao fail a drug test, according to the Filipino star's adviser.

Both fighters are subject to random, Olympic-style testing by USADA in the build up to their $300m (£200m) mega-fight in Las Vegas on May 2.

Should either fail a test, they would likely be banned for four years but Pacquiao also wanted a financial penalty.

'Today we were informed that Mayweather turned down the request,' Michael Koncz told EPSN. 'Manny had requested that there would be a reciprocal fine of $5 million for a failed drug test.'

The details of the testing were not written into the fight contract but were instead included in a separate agreement.

And Mayweather's adviser Leonard Ellerbe said that was Pacquiao's mistake.

'Michael Koncz is an idiot, and Manny Pacquiao should be ashamed to have him as his representative, in my opinion,' he told ESPN. 'It's obvious he didn't read the contract. Why would he have his fighter sign something he was not happy with? 

'The deal was negotiated up and down by his promoter on behalf of Manny with Floyd and Mayweather Promotions, and it's been well documented in the media for quite some time.

'If this moron didn't convey his fighter's wishes when the negotiation was going on, that's their problem. This is a lame-ass attempt to generate publicity.'

Drug testing was the central reason for a collapse in negotiations five years ago when Pacquiao refused to agree to the same strict conditions. 

Pacquiao was tested for the first time last Saturday when he was visited in Los Angeles.