English football's £70million match: There is a lot more than bragging rights at stake for Manchester United and Liverpool

Forget the bragging rights - victory in Sunday's Liverpool vs Manchester United clash could be worth as much as £70million.

While nothing will be decided in the latest installment of the old rivalry, at 3.20pm we will be a lot closer to knowing who will be in pole position to land a treasured place in the top four and the Champions League qualification that brings.

The victors can look forward to a £70m cash bonanza from appearing on Europe's biggest stage thanks to the TV money and gate receipts that brings.

United, perennial participants, are already counting the cost of this year's non-participation.

Figures recently released reveal that they are set to see a drop in revenue of around £50m as a result of their inability to qualify under David Moyes.

Should they repeat the trick this year that figure will rise to around £70m thanks to the new TV deal with BT Sport which is worth an extra £20m.

Then there is United's £750m kit deal with adidas. That features a £22.5m penalty should they fail to qualify for the Champions League for two consecutive seasons. If the unthinkable happens, the loss would hit a staggering £100m.

The losers, however, may be advised to find out what number ITV4 is on their TV boxes and brace themselves for the prospect of a fraction of that sum from the Europa League.

In the packed stands it will all be about what happens on the pitch.

In the directors box, however, officials will no doubt be calculating the rewards of glorious victory and the cost of miserable defeat.

Should Louis van Gaal's visitors triumph in the early kick-off they will stretch the gap on Liverpool to five points with eight matches to play. Victory for Brendan Rodgers's resurgent Reds would see them take over fourth spot by a point.

A draw and the advantage remains with the visitors from the other end of the Ship Canal.

While officials from both clubs are desperate to make the Champions League, failure to do so would do more damage to the Old Trafford coffers.