Restaurants in Lincoln

Restaurants in Lincoln

Restaurants in Lincoln offer a plethora of options in terms of dining experience. Most of the major restaurants are located in the region of the Lincoln Mall road. Other than dining facilities the place also provides good options in terms of sipping of wine. One of the famous joints in the area is Drink which is a star studded attraction of the place. This place offers more than 200 varieties of beers and bottles along with drafts are available here. Located on 625 Lincoln roads this happens to be the favourite tourist spot of the younger generations and in terms of budget all this comes at a cost of $ 4.

Lincoln road was developed by Mr Fischer which is in a way replica of the fifth avenue in New York. In the last decade or so it could provide competition to all the major regions of the world. The concept of Fischer was indeed unique and his prime objective was to link the Miami Beach to the west and east sides. Today this place has evolved leaps and bounds and is close to the Washington Avenue. This place offers the best in terms of shopping along with dining experience. Though lot of stores are there in the malls along with cafes and restaurants of the highest order.

Located in the centre of the city most of the restaurants offer the options of indoor along with outdoor dining. Having hands on experience in this place could be compared with the best places in the world. In terms of famous restaurants in this region Zanetti is one of them. The philosophy of the restaurant is that is quiet during the day time and filled with activity during the nights. This place is one of the famous attractions on the south beach and provides outdoor seating facility and serves food of the highest class. In the overall scenario the dining facility is world class and the visit to the place will force you to come over and over again.

The Van Dyke cake is also one of the popular restaurants in this part of the region. The restaurant offers the best in terms of indoor as well as outdoor setting and attracts all the age brackets. Be it young or old the place has a special charm for them. On the top of the restaurant there is a Jazz club which provides live entertainment in the form of live music. In the midst of all this perhaps the greatest focal point is that for an entry it cost s a mere $ 15

Most of the restaurants are packed during the weekends. Though they operate on first come first serve basis it is suggested to book for a table in advance so that you do not have to go empty handed.