Restaurants in Durham

Restaurants in Durham

If you want to have a perfect evening with your near ones, anniversary, birthday or any occasion, restaurants in Durham provide one an opportunity to enjoy a meal with their loved ones. Romantic lightning, varieties of food, a peaceful environment where you can have a peaceful conversation are the important features of restaurants in this part of the world. There is an exhaustive list which provides the list of the entire food scenario. Mostly all the restaurants   have some sort of foreign tie ups accept the Melting Pot which is solely locally owned.

In terms of romantic liaisons the Melting Pot is the most romantic restaurant. The reasons could be because of food sharing as well as chocolate. If chilling all out is in your minds then book in advance your tickets at the Melting Pot Lover’s Lane Package. There is a four course dinner, private sitting facilities, roses along with a souvenir photograph. All this too at a throwaway price of $ 150. Reservation is mandatory of sorts.

Four squares derive its name from the unique characteristics of two rooms located at the front side and two at the back side. This in fact is the old Southern way of configuration and in terms of location it is located in a renovated house. In the middle there is a wide breeze way which acts as a separation of sorts. The environment tends to be quiet elegant and calm without not being too much stuff. Local cuisine and the atmosphere are creative along with being fantastic of sorts.

If local food is what appeals you Nana’s happen to be the mainstay in this part of the world. In spite of having a lot of table’s people prefer to avail the options of private rooms as it gives them the added advantage of privacy. On a personal level the owner Scott Howell tends to be always in the kitchen and his dishes are always an epitome of the modern times. If a more casual outlook along with a unique dining experience is preferred then 604 West Morgan is the ideal destination. When the weather is at its best the options of patio furniture is also provided. One can have a candle lit dinner or prefer a class of wine in the cool bars.

Individuals or the tourists who are keen on having a European flavour then there is no need to be disappointed. The replica of Paris is right here in the city of Durham and what better place than vin Rouge. Everything in this place gives a western feeling. The neatly dressed waiters speak English and are always ready to serve you. One does not need to translate the menu because of this precise reason. In the exteriors there is an outdoor dining area with gardens whereas in the interiors it is quiet cosy and warm