It is the trick of the time (see the gallery in all addicted star) because far from trivial. With Simone Belli, National Make up designer L'Oreal Paris we discovered all the ways to wear it from morning to night in all variations of shades.

For those who love him will be really hard to leave. More of a make-up naked not executed to perfection can leave on the face an aged, tired. That's why I do not recommend to excessive faces with dark circles and bags. 

What is the difference between a make-up nude and a make-up flawless?
"The bare can be interpreted in many ways because every woman has the dimension of naturalness. The flawless assumes the absolute bare: thin and nonexistent dust, all seems to be no, and the face will be caressed by fluids correct it without appearing and dust shall lay dull and everything but you do not perceive. "

There are at least seven variants of this makeup. If you are skilled with the nuances you can try such as the Make-up nude pictorial. You get with the play of light and shadows that give off a masculine femininity. The goal is not to seduce but to express one's being in a different way. On the flesh you read the transparencies, the cheekbones are carved with a little 'of land, the mascara is lengthening and lips is spread a moisturizing balm »

Make-up for a romantic nude just add a blush on the cheeks to Pomette, in the hollow of the eye a bit 'of pink powder with a brush on the lips while a pink lipstick tapped with your finger or spend a gloss not brilliant. ""The Make-up nude chic, however, maintains the transparency on the face and focuses on the lips enfatizzandole of red."
"The Make-up nude graphic encoding the nude look making it more intriguing. In this sense, draw a large stretch of eyeliner shapes and decided on the eyes. Do you want to keep the look bare but be bold? Marked by dark eyebrows and form strong and great. "

The Make-up smoky-nude is achieved with all work of dust on the eyelid of the eye that change color from gray, golden and bronze. Result? An eye is not defined which transmits a certain languor in her eyes. "

"Make-up Naked Glow: what is best for young girls. Categorical: abolish the powder. It is important to create a wet cheeks with a moisturizer or a fluid enlightening. "

"Make-up nude built: thought for over forty. It 'important to emphasize the eyes with a brown pencil beading the eye and which is then smoothed. Doing so is given depth to the eye but in a natural way. This technique also works for those who have the eye tired and needs to be redesigned. "

The accomplice of cosmetic make-up nude?
"Surely the blush, even creamy texture, gives cheeks a rosy from the first date of love."
That, however, be avoided?
"Sources opaque or overly mat, face powder and mascara excessively dusty performing."