Affiliate Programs And What To Look For

How Relevant Is The Program

Every affiliate program you want to join must be relevant to the content on your web site. That ensures, visitors to your site will be more inclined to click thru to merchants of which you promote products and/or services. Promoting products and/or services via affiliate sites is common practise, but without being relevant to site and content very rarely become successful.

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Research the affiliate program you seek to join, and the company behind it, is it stable and reliable. Avery good idea is to look for companies who have been online a while, and are trusted and financially sound. If you join a program you are not certain of, you might run into problems. The worst is, you don’t receive payments for promotions you have done on your site. Be on special alert to offers that promise high payouts. Remember, those companies are not in business because they gave all their money away.


Promote quality products on your site. Have high standards, sure you can make some quick dollars by promoting lower quality products,but it won’t be an effective strategy in the long run. Your reputation is on the line “online”, and that will seriously hurt your chances of creating a successful affiliate marketing business.

Also make sure that the products and/or services you promote are things people actually want. There should be a need for, or interest in, what you are promoting. It’s also a good idea to select products and/or service that’s aimed at a growing segment. You want to set up shop for the long run.

Landing page

Now that is really important.The landing page is the first thing a prospect will see when they click on an ad, making it extremely important. If it’s poorly constructed it won’t only have a low conversion rate it will probably also discredit your webpage since it was you who referred the client. Make time to look at some WebPages and you’ll soon learn which one’s that will earn you money. If you like the page and find it fun and easy accessible then probably your referrals will too.


The single most important thing for you when selecting an affiliate program but don’t let this be the decisive point. You can get 99% commission, what good does that do when the product isn’t selling. Sometimes you’ll be offered a one time flat fee, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA for short) and other times a continuous revenue share. If your prospect will go back and buy more then a continuous revenue share is preferred . Find out the conversion rate since this is of great importance for your earnings. And lastly get information as to what the minimum payout is.

Tracking Commissions

You want to be able to track your sales and find out how much commission you have earned at any time. I can also be useful to find out the number of visitors you refer. Real-time, online reports, is optimal when it comes to commission tracking, but there are other options available as well, such as email services,. Good statistics are also very helpful when you want to develop your affiliate site and make it more effective.


Look for a program with good affiliate managers who are helpful, knowledgeable and quick to respond. Solid affiliate management and support is very important

Don’t forget that you’re the one referring new clients, generating money to the companies. The affiliate programs should have a fully functional support, helping you whenever needed, regardless of your query. If they aren’t easy to get a hold of chances are you’re going to have some kind of problem with them in the future.

To your success