5 Negative Words To Remove From Your Vocabulary

Negative self talk can do a great deal of damage to your self esteem. Words can shape our thoughts and help determine our actions. If you want to create a more positive outlook on life, there are negative words to remove from your vocabulary. You’ll be amazed by how much your attitude can change by altering the way you speak and think. Some of these words are: 1. UGLY When you look in the mirror to find that you have some pimples on your face, don’t claim that you look ugly. It’s one of the negative words to remove from your vocabulary if you want to be happier with yourself. Once you stop calling yourself ugly, aloud and inside of your head, you’ll start feeling more beautiful. 2. CAN’T Saying you can’t do something is a sure way to ensure your failure to achieve such a task. Like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Your mind will believe the words you say and the thoughts you think. Choose them wisely. 3. USELESS Don’t ever trick yourself into believing that you’re useless. You may not have found your ‘purpose’ in life yet, but you’re still a valuable human being, so shower yourself in compliments. Treat yourself with respect. 4. BUT Stop. Stop! Stop! Please stop building a case against yourself. Stop rationalizing your excuses, procrastination or lack of productivity. “I want to do this, but…”, “I have always wanted to_________, but…” Stop making it so easy to talk yourself out of action. If you didn’t do something you said you would, or didn’t do something that you wanted to – own it, adjust, and move on. Don’t make excuses or rationales with the word ‘but’ because as we know, when we tell ourselves the same thing over and over again…we start to believe it. Don’t talk yourself out of your highest life. 5. KILL No matter how angry you get at someone, never tell them to kill themselves or claim that you want to kill them. Even though it’s clear you’re not being serious, it’s something that should never leave your mouth. Stick to saying peaceful things and you’ll become a more peaceful person.