James Corden and David Beckham star in hilarious underwear ad spoof

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James Corden continues to kill it in America on the Late Late Show. We're happy for you James, really we are - especially when you continue to whip out amazing spoof videos like this one.

Corden enlisted his mate David Beckham to strip down to his boxers (no hard task, as Becks does it all the time for H&M), for a hilarious spoof video that poked fun at DB's hot-as-hell underwear ads.

Promoting "D&J Briefs", the black and white ad sees Corden pose alongside Beckham in his pants, and do funny stuff like fan Becks with a hairdryer and pout at the camera.

The video ends with Corden saying: "D&J briefs. It's underwear for a man with a great body...and David Beckham" - and doing the worm across the floor. It's pretty amazing.

The skit was filmed for Beckham's appearance on the Late Late Show, which was filmed on Sunday - and according to reports, Brooklyn Beckham was seen in the audience lol-ing away at the video.