Kim brings back North Korea's 'pleasure troupe' of young women to entertain him

Kim Jong-un has ordered the recreation of the famous 'pleasure troupe' of young women that North Korean leaders have traditionally employed to entertain them.

Kim disbanded the group of hand-picked teenagers shortly after the death of his father in the North Korean capital Pyongyang in December 2011.

But now that the country's official three-year mourning period for Kim Jong-il has concluded, the eccentric autocrat has demanded his advisers find suitable new women for the role, as the previous members retired and were married off to military generals when they hit their early 20s.

News that Kim Jong-un is re-establishing the so-called 'pleasure troupe' was reported by South Korea's Chosun Ilbo.

The tradition was established by the dictator's grandfather Kim Il-sung - who is considered the founder of North Korea and still holds the title of Eternal President despite dying in 1994.

North Korean officials have traditionally scoured the countryside for pretty teenagers, sometimes as young as 13-years-old, who are then taken to Pyongyang to work as dancers, singers or servants for the country's leaders.

Often the most attractive girls are forcibly married off to powerful military generals as a way of rewarding the men for their all-important loyalty to the regime.

As part of the handover of power following the death of Kim Il-sung in 2011, the entire troop was dismantled and sent off to marry members of the North Korean establishment. But now that three years have passed it is thought acceptable for Kim to restart the tradition by finding his own girls.

Kim Il-sung's personal 'pleasure troupe' were given $4,000 pay-offs upon his death as a reward for their service to the regime, according to the Telegraph.

As teenagers most were simply taken out of school and moved from their hometowns without the consent of their parents, who were no doubt terrified at what could happen to them if they resisted.

The girls reportedly lived in the senior officials' houses and were traditionally allowed to marry their employers and 'retire' from service by the time they reached their early 20s. 

The three-year absence of the 'pleasure troupe' was due to a complete overhaul of the North Korean establishment by Kim Jong-un following his father's death. 

The dictator moved swiftly to remove the most powerful figures from his father's regime - having many of them executed - and replaced them with his own group of spineless bureaucrats.

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