Stories of our lives part 1

In this chapter I will be introducing you to a few of the main characters in my story.  As we meet new characters they will be introduced in the story. This will get you a little more familiar with the characters in the story. 

Jason who is a very nice sweet guy that is a police officer because he likes to help people. 

Samantha who is a single mom of a 13 year old that acts way older sometimes. She is in love with Jason but he don't know it yet. 

Sabrina who is the 13 year old of Samantha. she is in middle school and is very popular. 

Michelle is Samantha neighbor that lives in the house next to hers. she has two kids. 

Jeff is Michelles husband that is a nice guy that tries to do right but ends up on the wrong side. 

Trisha is Samantha mom that is always there for her. 

Shane Samantha step dad

Adams is Samantha younger brother that is very close to her. 

Trina is Samantha friend that likes to cause drama.