After Reading This You Might Break-Up With Your Girlfriend

Love is a good feeling when it is true and every man likes to wine and dine with his woman, making her feel special and loved. However in the course of carrying out his many duties, he also has to take care not to be taken on a fool’s ride by crafty women, below are five sings to know if she only wants you for your money. (You might probly break-up with her – like I did. LOL) 1. She Never Pays for Anything: Your gold digger alert better be flashing a bright red signal if you have to always pay for all the dates that you go on. There is something wrong if the movie dates, restaurant bills and other expenses incurred while together always have to be settled by you. While it is good for you to treat your lady right, this is the 21st century and a woman is a helper, you shouldn’t pay for everything all the time. There should be times she is also willing to treat you or split the bills with you. 2. She Demands for Expensive Things: Singer Davido already said it all in his hit song “Aye” when he said his babe doesn’t want Ferrari or designers but his love.If you are dating a girl that is always demanding for expensive things you should start reconsidering the real motive of the relationship. Expensive gifts are all the more special only when they are done rarely and willingly. If your girl seems to be the materialistic type, then in all likelihood she won’t stick with you during bad times; she will leave you the next minute a richer person wants her. 3. Her Friends Always Come Along On Dates: Another sign to show that a Nigerian girl is interested in your money rather than you is when you go on dates and she has a friend or two along. Wise up already, three is a crowd and when you asked her out you weren’t asking to sign up to date her entire clique. Keep it at the back of your mind that if she is in the habit of buying take away stuffs for her friends back home then you are just another Nigerian maga. 4. She Lacks Career Aspiration: Think twice before dating a Nigerian girl that lacks career aspiration, if she is not willing to work and make her own money then you are entering danger zone if you move in her direction. A girl that is dependent who looks to get what she wants or prefers her man does everything does not need any further introduction, just take to your heels. If she isn’t self reliant, it only means as her man she would expect you to pick up all her bills, in this case you become Mr. Fix It. 5. She is Overtly Curious about Your Financial Status: This particular sign works in two ways, a girl might actually be interested in your financial status to make sure that she is dating a financially secure man. On the other hand she could also be asking to calculate how much she can milk from you or if you are worth her time. When a girl is more curious about your bank account statement than in you, keep your guards up and be on the lookout for any of the other signs mentioned earlier to help determine if she just wants to chop your money.