HORROR:::Read what this 35 years old did to His 13 years Old Daughter

It is really a strange world we live in!13-year-old Blessing Chia has revealed how she has been a victim of beating and sex object in the hands of her 35-year old stepfather, Mr. Benjamin Richard. According to Vanguard, Blessing alleged that her stepfather has been having carnal knowledge of her, this he does every time her mother is not around; harassing her he would kill her if she tells anyone. READ ALSO: 20-Year-Old Man Robbed, Raped 101- Year-Old Woman Richard The sexual assault however was later noticed during police investigations to have boomerang into pregnancy. The little girl, Blessing recounted her ordeal saying: “The first time my mother was not around, he took cane and was beating me and told me that if I messed up, he would kill me, that if I shouted or if my mummy heard anything about it, he was going to kill me. “So the one that happened on Thursday, November 13, 2014, I told him that I would tell my mummy and I dared to see if he would kill me. So l told my mummy. He raped me four times, the first time was when my mother travelled to Makurdi, Benue State.’ Confirming she traveled to her home state (Benue) not long ago, Blessing’s mother, Mrs Grace Richard, who is 30 years of age made it known that her daughter reported to her that the stepfather raped her but her husband denied it when she confronted him. ‘’That was two months ago when I travelled to Makurdi and she told me immediately I came back,” the mother said. My husband denied and even threatened to beat me black and blue if l ever asked him such a question again” , Blessing’s mother said. With neighbors bearing witness that they heard the loud cries of the girl during one of the sexcapades, the young girl was taken to the hospital and various medical tests revealed that the girl has been deflowered and she’s pregnant. Although Mr. Richard was arrested for the allegations, he was secretly bailed by his father. However, the investigating police officer, IPO, in charge of the case, who did not want her name mentioned, told Sunday Vanguard that Blessing was indeed pregnant but that investigations were in progress and Richard has been re-arrested.