Dave Leduc is a Canadian Lethwei fighter. He is the current openweight Lethwei World Champion. He is nicknamed "The Nomad" because of his travels around the world to learn martial arts. Leduc is the Muhammad Ali of lethwei. When the annals of lethwei history are written, his name will be top of the list. He was born on December 13, 1991 in Gatineau, Canada. 

At the age of seventeen, he began practicing martial arts, he began learning Sanshou and competed in amateur fight nights. Early on, Leduc started training headbutts combinations and adding bareknuckle bag sessions into his training regimen, setting himself up for his future career in Lethwei. Leduc was also managing a nightclub at the age of nineteen years old and owned a limousine company, but after 5 years he decided to sell up and make his permanent move to asia.

Leduc first gained widespread notoriety by becoming the first Quebecer and Canadian to win in the controversial Prison Fight Thailand inside a maximum security prison in Bangkok, where violent inmates can reduce their sentences and even earn their freedom by winning a series of fights against foreign fighters. On August 2016, he was invited to make his Lethwei debut at the 1st Myanmar Lethwei World Championship against the undefeated Too Too and their fight ended in a draw. Dave retained his title in a fight that was much less in the hands of Tun Tun Min than their first fight was. After winning the world title, he dedicated his career solely to Lethwei.

He broke the barrier by becoming the first foreign champion in lethwei, and dedicated himself to growing the sport globally. Dave Leduc has also made a name for himself outside 토토사이트 the ring as an actor and television personality. He can be seen taking by storm The Amazing Race Canada, as him and his wife Irina Terehova became the biggest villain the franchise has ever known. Leduc also appeared in many different podcasts. Today, Leduc and WLC have grew the sport to dozens of lethwei gyms across the world.