Offroad racing, form of motor racing conducted over rough, unmarked, often desert terrain. The courses and tracks used are often narrow, twisting, tree lined tracks, undulating farmland tracks, mountain tracks and river crossings, sometimes incorporating man mad jumps and other obstacles. Different vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buggies are used in this type of racing.

Off-road racing has different types or formats depending on a specific country. In North America, there are two main formats of off-road racing which are desert racing and short course racing. The first one is the Desert Racing. Mostly set up on government recreational lands. These lands usually have tracks that run from 25 to 1000 miles. Different classes of vehicles run a different number of laps. This can depend on the size of the engine or on the setup of the suspension system. The second one is the Short-Course Racingwhich involves the racing of modified vehicles. This race is held on a dirt road closed course of a short length like tens of kilometers or miles or less.

Aside of the two popular forms of off-road racing , there are 경마사이트 also other formats including hill climbing, the Frozen rush where off-road trophy trucks race on snowy ski slopes, and another form of racing that does not occur on a specific paved track.

Still primarily a North American sport, and has also become popular in Japan and Australia. Off-road racing can refer to Formula Off Road, which is a type of motorsport that involves modified vehicles through difficult uphill terrain. Truly Off-road racing is one of the amazing motorsport racing that is held in different countries and is supported by many automobile enthusiasts. Also provides a great atmosphere and a sense of community, where you can meet new friends who share the love of an exciting motor sport.