Savate is a French kickboxing combat sport that utilizes hands and feet. A unique ring fighting art fusing French kicking with English boxing. ‘Savate’ means literally an old shoe or boot in middle French. Suitable footwear is obligatory for training. The foot is the sport’s major striking weapon. There was no headbutting, grappling or eye gouging allowed, unlike other brutal martial arts.

Originating in the late 1800s, the sport was initially inspired by kung fu masters seen at the port of Marseille and gained in popularity in the French backstreets as a method of street fighting. Over time, savate has turned into a systemized art that includes both high and low kicks. Charles Lecour was a pioneer of Savate, and he opened a school in Paris, developing a form whereby punching and kicking were both used. For a while it was a very popular sport, but it died out before it was combined.

Savate involves beauty and grace but is also an effective method of self-defence. In its earliest form, kicking, punching, wrestling, grappling and the use of weapons was practiced, but, as a martial art, it teaches fighting techniques using empty hands. These can be delivered either while standing or jumping. Savate 토토사이트 only allows kicks with the foot, as opposed to systems like Muay Thai which allows shin and knee kicks, too. 

Strikes in Savate are delivered with closed fists, protected by gloves without laces. The practitioner attacks their opponent using a combination of strikes and can come up with new strategies involving real strikes and other manoeuvres. The entire body, with the exception of the groin, throat, neck, spine, knees, and chest for women can be used as a target. Like other martial arts, there are ranking systems in Savate which are highlighted form the color belts. The color of the fighter’s gloves reflects his rank and level. In technical rank, blue glove is the first degree, green is second, red is third, white is fourth, yellow is fifth, silver I is sixth, silver II is seventh and silver III is eight degree. 

The fighting style is elegant and athletic, with jumps and other movements paired with intricate footwork. It is an agile modern sport practised by men and women of all ages around the world.