What Is List Building ?

The Definition of List Building is very simple: The Process of adding leads to your Personal Mailing List, Autoresponder or Newsletter/Ezine. Sounds simple, doesn’t it ? Well, in all reality, it is. BUT, the key is to building a responsive list. When it comes to list building, it is always Quality over Quantity. Would you prefer to have 20,000 people who never open or read your emails, or 2000 people who not only read your emails but also purchase from you ? I think that one is a real no-brainer.

Why do I want to have a list of my own ?


Once again, the answer is very simple, & I am sure you are tired of hearing it, but I am going to say it again – The Money is in the List. True Experience

Before I started to build my own list, I was struggling to just to try to earn a few bucks here & there. I was very happy if I could bring in $100 – $200 extra a month. Does that sound familiar ? Once I started building my own list, I started making more sales of my own products, as well as Affiliate Products.

I am now consistently earning an extra $200 – $300 a week. My BEST week so far has been a little over $900.And I am not some Self-Proclaimed Guru. And I never want to be. I am just your average Joe, on the net to try to make my live a little easier. And along the way, I try to pass along to others what I have learned & the mistakes that I have made, so others may learn from them. I believe that to be a Success, you have to share with others.

Call it Karma, call it the Power of Three, call it what you will. But I truly believe that you get back what you give. The common mantra that most other Internet Marketers follow is “The money is in the list” and I tend to agree with them.
Of course, that is often true only if you harness your mailing list well and that your subscribers are responsive in the sense that they do bother reading your mails every time you send a broadcast to your mailing list. How responsive your mailing list subscribers are depends on how well you develop your relationship with them and how much you understand who your prospects are. Otherwise, don’t hope on cashing in on your mailing list.

Regardless of what kind of Internet Business you are starting, having your own mailing list is a must. No exceptions. In the next couple of blogs I am going going to attempt to do just that. I am going to show you the path that I followed to get my list to where it is today. I am going to share with you my triumphs, as well as my failures. And hopefully you will learn from them.

I am aware that there are JV brokers who are making money simply by making successful Joint Venture deals between the product creators and E-zine publishers without having to have their own mailing list. But then, having your own mailing list gives you tremendous advantages that both JV brokers and product creators do not have.

For one, whenever you have a product or service you either own or are an affiliate for, you would not have to look further than your own mailing list thus you can be in profit within hours from the time you send out your endorsement letters.

Secondly, having your own mailing list is more important than just having your own product. Even if you do not own your own product, you can still be an affiliate or Joint Venture for other people’s products.

For the third and most important reason: having your own mailing list gives you the opportunity to first prove your credibility to your subscribers through what you have to share with them in your E-zine! Now that we have established that your mailing list is an asset worth creating, you will also come to learn the following:

How I consistently add 50 – 100 New Subscribers a week to my Newsletter.

I am also going to show you a way to add an extra 1000 + to your list within 30 – 60 days.

I am going to show you the tools that I use, the resources, the services & everything else that I do.

I will walk you step by step through my List Building Process. In the next Chapter we are going to discuss Leads.

Watch this video of a very important person who pointed me into the right direction.