LIFE ACCORDING JOVANOTTI (La Vita secondo Jovanotti)

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Before starting I must tell you one thing: this is a declaration of love (with a capital A).

A statement, a tribute to one of the most brilliant and bright stars of Italian music (and not only) ...

A tribute to the singer who more than any other has sold in the last year in our beautiful country ... But, above all, a tribute to MY favorite singer, the one who accompanied me at all times, they were happy or sad, the my life.

Lorenzo is more than a singer, is an explosion of pure energy, something that defies common human laws, and that in 2013 (with the aforementioned stadium tour) confirmed it. But it is never a violent explosion, angry or end in itself ... No, no ... It's quite an explosion that knows how to be sweet, strong, powerful, delicate at the same time. You may wonder how it is possible ... Well Jova has accustomed us to make the impossible possible.

Not wanting to turn this post into a boring biography which I think is right to talk about the singer, but also man, Lorenzo "Jovanotti" Cherubini are not a myriad of words written one after the other but his songs.

The notes and the lyrics of his songs are worth a thousand words written by me!

I think that with this song "Land of men" of which you will find the text translated into English and the video, Lorenzo has passed. It is sweet, melodic, tender and has the words WONDERFUL !!! I will let them speak ...


Terra Degli Uomini

E a volte i forzuti si accasciano

Dimenticano ogni lezione

Lo sai cosa intendo se dico

Che a tutto c'è una soluzione

E tutte le luci si accendono

Milliardi di pixel si infiammano

Si muovono a ritmo di un battito,

Un battito, un battito

E sotto ai miei piedi c'è un polso

E sulla mia testa c'è il cielo

E io vivo proprio nel mezzo

Nella terra degli uomini

Dove suona la musica

E governa la tecnica

E mi piace la plastica

Si sperimenta la pratica, e

E si forma la lacrima

Dove suona la musica

E il futuro si srotola

E l'amore si fa

E l'amore si fa

Son sempre i migliori che partono

Ci lasciano senza istruzioni

A riprogrammare i semafori

In cerca di sante ragioni

E c'è sempre un gran sole a sorprenderci

Nell'indifferenza degli arbitri

Che stanno li a legger i monitor

Con le facce impassibili

E sotto ai miei piedi c'è un baratro

E sulla mia testo c'ho l'angeli

E qui siamo proprio nel mezzo

Nella terra degli uomini

Dove suona la musica

L'amicizia si genera

Dove tutto è possibile

Dove un sogno si popola

La chitarra si elettrica

E risuona gli armonici

Dove ridono i salici

Dove piangono i comici

E la forza si amplifica

Ed il sangue si mescola

E l'amore è una trappola

Mica sempre però

Qualche volta ti libera

E ti senti una favola

E ti sembra che tutta la vita non è

Solamente retorica

Ma sostanza purissima

Che ti nutre le cellule

E ti fa venir voglia di vivere

Fino all'ultimo attimo

Dove suona la musica

Nella terra degli uomini

Dove trovi anche un posto per chi

Ti sorride da un angolo

Fino all'ultimo attimo

Fino all'ultimo attimo

                    English version 

Land of Men

And at times the strong men become worn out

They forget every lesson

You know what I mean if I say

That there's a solution for everything

And all of the lights turn on

Billions of pixels ignite

They move to the rhythm of a beat

A beat, a beat

And there's a pulse beneath my feet

And there's the sky above my head

And I live right in the middle

In the land of men

Where the music plays

And technology governs

And I like plastic

Practice is experimented and

And a tear is formed

Where the music plays

And the future unravels

And love is made

And love is made

It's always the best ones that leave

They leave us without instructions

To reprogram the traffic lights

Looking for holy reasons

And there's always a great sun to surprise us

In the indifference of the referees

Who stay to read the monitors

With impassive faces

And there's a chasm beneath my feet

And I have angels above my head

And here we're right in the middle

In the land of men

Where the music plays

Friendship is generated

Where everything is possible

Where a dream is populated

The guitar is electrified

And resonates the harmonics

Where the willows laugh

Where the comics weep

And the force is amplified

And blood is mixed

And love is a trap

Not always however

Sometimes it (love) frees you

And you feel like a fairy tale

And it seems that your whole life isn't

Only rhetoric

But the purest substance

That nourishes cells

And it makes you want to live

Until the final moment

Where the music plays

In the land of men

Where you find a place for even those who

Smile at you from an angle

Until the final moment

Until the final moment

Until the final moment

Try to align

By the end I had thought of writing a super conclusion but in the end I thought I did not serve much. I will limit myself to only two, but powerful words: