Green Tea Healing Properties: Health


                              10 amazing health benefits


Green tea is much more than a simple drink. Can be considered as a real natural medicine. The populations of Japan know it well and use it for centuries because of its beneficial properties, which over the years have received more and more confirmations by science.


This precious drink can be served warm in winter and cool to lukewarm during the summer season. To prepare a good infusion of green tea, pour one or two teaspoons of the leaves in a cup of boiling water, let stand for five minutes and filtered. To cool the beverage more rapidly, resort to ice cubes. Green tea has a lower caffeine content than black tea or coffee. We discover some of its major health benefits.


1) Natural Antibacterial

Green tea is a natural antibacterial. Its action concerns mainly the mouth and teeth. The substances contained in green tea are able to counteract the action of one of the bacteria present in the oral cavity, Streptococcus mutans. Scientific studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of green tea against bacteria that can cause dental problems. Drinking green tea may help prevent tooth decay.

2) Antioxidants

Green tea is a natural concentrate of antioxidants, among which we find especially polyphenols and bioflavonoids. Antioxidants are needed by our body to slow cellular aging, promote tissue regeneration and fight free radicals, which can be responsible of degenerative diseases.

3) Skin Cancer

According to a Scottish study, green tea can protect against skin cancer. Researchers have managed to extract from green tea a beneficial substance that can directly affect the diseased cells and to counter effectively the disease. The chemical compound by the action satisfactory is called EGCG.

4) Weight Loss

Green tea is considered a beneficial ally against obesity and the extra pounds. The experts at Penn State University have identified some substances in green tea can lead to greater body's ability to burn excess fat and reduce the absorption of fats introduced with food.

5) Stroke

Drinking green tea can help reduce the risk of stroke. The merit of compounds such as catechins, a special category of powerful antioxidant flavonoids that help regulate blood pressure and improve circulation. According to experts, to protect themselves from the risk of stroke just drink a cup of green tea a day.


6) Cancer of the uterus

According to a study conducted at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Women's Health Research at Meharry Medical College, some substances contained in green tea may help to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in the uterine fibroid. In volunteers who were administered a beneficial substance contained in green tea, has been a significant reduction in the weight and volume of tumors.

7) Pneumonia

Regular consumption of green tea can reduce the risk of dying from pneumonia, in the opinion of the experts of the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine. According to studies conducted by Japanese researchers, women who drink five or more cups of green tea a day see reduced by 47% the risk of dying from pneumonia. Some substances contained in green tea are in fact able to inhibit the growth of viruses and microorganisms causing pneumonia.

8) Diabetes

The consumption of green tea may be useful in preventing diabetes. EGCG, a substance contained in green tea, helps to balance the levels of blood sugar. In this way the body has more energy available to combat fatigue. EGCG improves insulin utilization by the body, avoiding the irritability and damming the desire to compensate for the fatigue with the introduction of unhealthy foods

9) Cholesterol

Drinking green tea helps to regulate cholesterol levels in the blood. The beneficial substances contained in this drink prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries and the onset of cardiovascular disease. According to research published in the pages of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the credit would again EGCG.

10) Tanning

Good news for those who love the tan. According to a scientific study published in the journal Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, green tea would be able to protect our skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. The credit would be attributed to the catechins, some of the beneficial substances in green tea.