Silent Love: Short film on the Love Story of commuters Trenord (Video)

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There may be a Silent Love?

Valentine's Day is still far away but the guys agency CodCast Channel have made a short film really heartbreaking.

The romantic short film Silent Love has conquered the web in a few days and has racked up thousands of views.

The film, tells the story of a young man who, to win the heart of the girl he meets every day on the lines Trenord, she draws for an entire comic with the sole purpose of asking her on a date.

Both are fearless idea to meet every morning, but neither seems so bold to take the first step: thus enters into play the pencil, which makes the heart speak without moving his mouth.

A truly romantic vision of love that does not need anything but the emotions and a game of complicity.

And you think you can fall in love without words? There may be a Silent Love?

Looking forward to read your answers with curiosity I wish you a good day my dear friends