What would happen if everyone stopped advertising online?

What would happen if everyone stopped advertising online?

To start with my computer would run much faster, I wouldn't need to download the latest advertisement blocker and antivirus every week and I would never know where the best offers for flights to The Canary Islands are!

It's never going to happen so we might as well make the most it. 

For the standard online advertiser the key is to minimise budget waste and maximise visibility to the right audience.  Make sure your message is viewed by those that are most likely to buy your product or services.

For the browser it is important to be exposed to the adverts for products that they are most interested in.  Browsers become immune to the vast amount of irrelevant adverts shown to them over time.  We are all exposed to around 5000 adverts every day while at work, home and travelling.  People don't mind adverts but when they are constantly irrelevant and get in the way of the task at hand, tempers are frayed.

The solution is simple... both the advertiser and the browser need a platform that provides the amount of exposure that fits their needs.

The technology exists to do this in the form of newly designed algorithms with advanced filters.  Moving away from the blanket marketing approach where we select a country, post our ad and then hope that enough relevant browsers see it.

Marketing & Advertising campaigns are run for 1 of 2 main reasons:

1. Expand an existing market

2. Break open a new field of play

A business that is already well established in the UK capital London, decides to break open a new city in the UK to increase its presence there.  With a traditional approach there is

little option to filter out their existing London customer base. 

Using this advanced algorithm enables the advertiser to select a specific city at the point of setting up the campaign.  Not only this, but the advertisement can be aimed at a specific age group and language at the same time.  Minimising the number of irrelevant or wasted views automatically means that budget can be stretched that much further.

In the other scenario where a business wants to expand an existing market, the advertiser is able to filter out all those areas that they are not interested in.

The future of advertising is going to be a far more targeted strategy where companies avoid budget waste but maximise the return on the investment.  We will also have much happier consumers who are able to find what they want faster!

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