The Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

The red pepper or cayenne is a small perennial shrub that is anative of South America, or any other warm of the world. This plant has white flowers, then green, and then eventually red or yellow pods.

Cayenne can be taken in capsules, extract form, or powder by just sprinkling it over your

food, just go with a light hand unless you can take the heat.

The benefits of taking cayenne are very effective for treating a cold, poor circulation, or a weak digestion. In some of the tropical climates cayenne when taken actually cools the body

by promoting sweating.

The health benefits are many there are prescription creams and liniments that can treat be shingles, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even sore muscles.There as on it is so

effective is that there is anactive ingredient called“ capsaicin” which effectively blocks the

transmission of the pain impulse in the body.

The burning sensation that you may feel after ingesting cayenne is normal and won ’t hurt

you, and infact cayenne can help heal anulcerratherthanaggravateit.