Making Money Online & Bebuzee

Making Money Online & Bebuzee

Most online sites advertising ‘earn cash from home' are cons and If you have never experienced such event, I’m sure you’re not too far from someone who has or knows someone who has. On the other hand, if you are a regular user of a computer or smartphone there is a host of small ways to boost your stash. Dedicated MoneySavers can potentially earn £1,000s a year from the comfort of their own sofa. These guys often have no previous experience and do not require any particular skill.

Below I am going to go through several ways to make money online. From my expertise in the tech field and what I have learnt through plenty of research is that you can get paid for anything from just watching videos, writing/blogging, searching on Google, make your own videos and much more.

Swagbucks is the first one. It’s a fun survey site that pays you for completing short online tasks. This is usually virtual cash, you can later exchange for real money, Paypal credits or shopping vouchers. The site's huge in America, and increasing popularity here in the UK. Tasks include filling polls, watching videos and searching using its page instead of Google. They even have their own online games.

Other competitors allow you to fill out many online surveys, waiting for these to be emailed to you. All you have to do is run through the questions and answer them honestly. Some are said to earn around £200 a year.

Qmee is incredible, it just involves downloading an add-on that sits on your browser like a toolbar. You then search queries in various search engines given to you (other than Google) online as you normally would on Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! or Bing. Usually earning 7-15p a shot.

Another one is an earning site called Gift Hunter Club. This pays you in points for watching videos, doing polls, entering competitions and completing other easy tasks. Another site which offers you a similar service, goes by the name Maximiles. These can also be exchanged for Paypal credit or shopping vouchers of your choice.

Similar to the ones you have seen above, getjam, allows you to watch adverts, movie trailers and games previews, offering you amounts of cash. Cashback sites often work by giving you a cut of the cash they earn for channelling web traffic. You don't actually have to buy anything to earn cash via these sites, they simply pay you just for clicking links on the web.

For example, Topcashback* pays £2ish when you click through to get a Gocompare car insurance quote or 5p when you search for flights on Fly.com. Its free cashback section lists the top offers.

This free smartphone app, Qustodian pays you to read adverts. Just download the app, and plug your likes and dislikes into your profile. It then sends adverts matching your interests to your Qustodian inbox. You get paid cash via PayPal or BACS transfer, when you view messages, respond to questions or watch videos, really clever and easy way to make that extra bit of cash.

If you have ever thought of writing or blogging, here is your chance. Textbroker pays for advert content, websites and newsletters. The company acts as a middleman between clients and writers, taking a cut from each piece sold. These payments often vary from £5 to £30 depending per article and forum. These are usually about everything from sport and wildlife to finance and even casinos. Adding to this due to the high demand on written content, online site Clickworker offers other jobs, including data entry, web research, product reviews and data tagging. Those who enjoy this have simply hit the jackpot.

Good at opinions? This may be the site for you. Dooyoo pays up to 60p for each product review you write. The amount you get depends on the product. For popular products its 60p and many electronic items 30p, but for others, such as books, it is as little as 10p. These reviews need to be at least 150 words long, though try to stick to your personal experiences rather than padding with lists of technical specs.

Once you rack up a total of £20, you can convert it into an Amazon voucher of the same value. Alternatively, if you wait until you hit £50, you can withraw it as cash. On the negative side, Dooyoo expires after one year.

If you are a keen blogger, create an account on internet giants Amazon Associates. This allows you to add links and banners to your website (if you have one). When a person clicks on your link and makes a transaction, you will be given five percent commission automatically. One of the easiest way to make a bit on the side.

Videos, oh videos, I don’t even have to get started with Youtube. All techy internet users will know about these internet giants. Upload a video whether its music or viral. Clip sharing will earn you a solid little income on the side if you can rack up the views. You are paid through amount of views, sponsorship and promotional deals.

Last but not least, Bebuzee, the world’s first social network, which shares revenue with its users. This is expected to be the next internet sensation waiting to explode onto the scene. Rumours say that within a year they could be pushing up against social media giants, Facebook, Twitter and the ever growing Ello. Users are said to be receiving one dollar ($1USD), for as simply as creating an account. There after the possibilities are endless. Every time you write a blog, your photo is rated or even your profile is viewed by somebody else you are paid. You are rewarded for all clicks and impressions within your account. Phenomenal achievement for a Social Network who only came about four months ago. To this date they boast over six million users. Facebook only managed sixty-four thousand after six months.