5 Tips to conquer your financial independence: Business

5 Tips to conquer your financial independence.

A workshop (and a few tricks) to learn how to better manage their savings.

The idea is to teach women how to manage money successfully to gain its own economic freedom.


Introduction of the premises: knowledge is power.

This is the spirit behind How to conquer your financial independence, the workshop (held yesterday, Thursday, December 11, in the Hall of the Milan Triennale Tim4Expo to 19.30), organized by PoterEconomico and Young Women Network, with the support of WE - Women for Expo.

  • "Invest in your financial education, we are in the information age, and be informed is crucial to start investing. You can start a course on money management to start chewing the basics of personal finance, or you can 'read the book by Robert Kiyosaki entitled "Father rich dad poor" in which the author explains the importance of changing attitudes and to have an entrepreneurial mindset when it comes to asset management.


  • "Every month, just get the salary, performs an automatic transfer from your checking account to a savings account. Saving money is not always a matter of how much you earn, but a propensity to which we must get used: if this money is not available you will learn to spend less.”


  • "As soon as you have enough money in the savings account starts to invest in the best. When you have accumulated a certain amount of capital, for example, 1000 euro, begins to invest in low-risk assets but that ensure a constant rate of return: the obligations to be clear. Very often the lingo difficult suggests that these activities are not accessible to those not in the field, but just read a bit 'to understand that in fact serve only to scare the non-professionals. "


  • "When you reach a certain level of savings, annuities reinvested in assets that generate more interest. Remember there are no risky investments, but there are only risky investors. "


  • "Find a business" parallel "to yours, which has potential to generate inputs. Then add them to the interests.... ".