Gingivitis- A gum disease

If your Gums are swollen, +painful, and sensitive to the touch plus they bleed easily and you have an unpleasant mouth odor, it is very likely that you have Gingivitis- a Gum disease.

Gingivitis is an Inflammation of the gums due to infection, negligent dental care, and Vitamin deficiencies is usually the main causes. Plaque builds up and leaves Bacteria and food particles behind, that stick to the teeth.

Plaque makes an ideal breeding ground for infection. When Gums become infected, they create gaps between the teeth and the gum area that allows more plaque to build.

Healthy foods and good nutrition play an important factor in preventing Gingivitis-grains, fruits, and vegetables stimulate and massage the gums and helps clean Plaque away.

Raw fruits and veggies are best for these types of jobs and fruit with  Vitamin C reduces  Inflammation and helps strengthen the gums.