The industry of making money online

The online market

Most of us at some point, have either come across to an online advert saying ‘make money online now’, ‘start earning form your couch’ or even been invited by a friend to join some of these schemes. The reality is, most businesses have opted for online markets since it is the place where the majority of us turns to on a daily basis to shop, socialise and even look for work. This is possibly one of the easiest ways to interact with people. We all want easy ways to make money especially if it requires little effort, after all who wants to go out of the house and work in a place where most of us do not do what we like. Although there are various ways to make money online, one should be aware that not all of these schemes are reliable methods, nevertheless there is a huge potential out there. Of course making money online is not just about clicking on advertisements. Famous names such as Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook and a less common one however still big in the online and travelling industry is Arya Bina a 19 years old entrepreneur who founded ‘Cheap Travel Hunt’. These among others are evidences of how successful one can be.         

Trending ways to make money

Right now perhaps some of you are thinking that you do not have the time, have no idea where to start or do not want to go through the hassle of setting up a business. The online market however has a whole range of ways that people can benefit from. Right now, YouTube is perhaps the most trending and easiest way to make money where posting a video of you doing something or of something else can have you earn pounds immediately. Here you will have to go through a few steps such as setting up an account, upload content, etc. but it all depends on how many subscribers and views you have on a video. A user can make money through clicking on ads as well as views, although this really requires one to have thousands even millions of views before you can start making a decent amount of money. If you are still thinking that this requires a lot effort, considering that investing in good quality material, promoting your content and keep up with your channel, then how about a Social Network that shares revenue simply by socialising with your friends?

Bebuzee’s approach

Most of us are aware of the millions of dollars Social Networks make every year through their users, however users never see a cent of it, right? So how are you going to make money through socialising? Bebuzee is the first Social Network to share revenue with their users as a way to reward them for using the site. Since Social Networks generate money through adverts and content that is uploaded by users, Bebuzee has decided to share half of that profit with them. This is done through impressions and adverts; for every thousand impressions a user will receive $0.50 USD and for every click on adverts the amount is $0.25 USD. By any means, this is not how you will be rich. However a user can make money on the side depending how much online traffic they create, this depends on how many friends a user has, how interactive they are and the quantity as well as the quality of the content being uploaded onto the site. The user can track all his/her earnings, impressions, money due and received through the ‘My Earnings’ dashboard on the site. Users will also receive a $1 USD upon creating a Bebuzee account.  This is Bebuzee’s way of welcoming people into their site which may be envied by other platforms should this work effectively. Bebuzee extends their services to all users without the request of an invitation to join, seen that that is how some Social Networks work.

Benefits to online users

Through the creation of Social Sites that share revenue with its users, online users have now the option of creating only one account where they can be sure to receive their money without having to go through various sites and sign up to read adverts and hope not be a scam. With Bebuzee’s rapid increase of users and still expanding worldwide, it is likely that online traffic will generate more impressions and more money for its users. Joe Onyero, founder of Bebuzee believes “the potential of earning money is huge once people have all their friends registered onto the site”. Bebuzee believes that they are set to revolutionise the world of Social Media once the word has gone around and people start to realise that there is a better alternative than to being used to others benefits.