Ways to Make Money Online

Want to make money? You may be in luck! I am sure you have seen that line a few times in your life time. Well, do you recall ever seeing adverts stating, ‘earning money while sitting at home’ doing nothing? It is probably not true and most likely to be a con. I’m pretty confident either you, or somebody you would have encountered one of these at some point.

On the other hand, if you are a regular user of a computer or smartphone there is a host of small ways to boost your stash. Dedicated internet enthusiasts, can potentially earn £1,000s a year from the comfort of their own sofa and you will not require any particular skillset or past experience to take part.

As you may have already had a browse below I am going to go through several ways to make money online. I did go through around fifteen of them yesterday and so here today we have some more. You will see that you can ultimately get paid for almost anything from watching videos; making videos; playing games; writing/blogging to search engine surfing and of course a lot more too.

Firstly I am going to go over the obvious, Youtube, one of the biggest money makers on the worldwide web. Just upload a video, edited or not and wait for the viewers to mount up. How well you promote the video, determines how many views you get. There are a lot of Youtube phenomena’s where some people purely make a living out of making videos.

Keen writer? Well the Kindle E-book by Kindle – Direct Publishing may be your answer. While not a guaranteed money-spinner, e-books don't have to be Booker Prize contenders. If you're a specialist in a particular field or subject, you could pocket yourself a little sum each month.

Unsigned music review site Slicethepie pays you for each and every song you rate. As you build up a reputation and become good, you have potential to earn so much more. Typically, a dedicated music enthusiast putting in a couple of hours each night could earn about thirty pounds/dollars a month.

Have you ever fancied being a secret agent? If you own an iPhone, just download a free app called Field Agent and voila. When a company or organisation needs a small market research task done, it is sent to you through the app. If you accept your mission, you will be asked to check prices in stores, take photographs of products and write reviews. It usually pays about £4.50 per task, but sometimes as much as £10. Roamler is another app quite similar but with tasks such as counting stock in shops, snapping menu cards in restaurants and even buying a beer to photo how it's served. Again tasks paid vary from £2 - £10.

Lionbridge is a remote-working job, allowing you to work from home. However you will need a degree to apply. This web firm offers a variety of part-time posts, most aimed at helping companies improve their search engine results. These tasks may consist of checking search results, gathering data and testing mobile phone apps.

Bzz Agent, doesn’t earn you actual cash but you can land yourself with tonnes of freebies. Basically, you are sent products and you have to have authentic and meaningful chats about them with your friends and people online.

Market research site Shop and Scan is an amazing way to boost your finances. Every time you buy something, you log on online and scan the receipt with the special barcode scanner they send you. You can potentially earn about a tenner a month in which you can trade for high street shopping vouchers. The downside to Shop and Scan is that it is invite only.

Last but not least, the all new social network, Bebuzee. I’ve heard that it’s the world’s first social network to share revenue with its users. The question right now is, are they ready to overtake the big boys. Rumours suggest that within a year they could be overtaking the likes of giants, Facebook, Twitter and even the ever growing Ello. Users are said to be receiving one dollar ($1USD), for as simply as creating an account. There after the possibilities are endless. Every time you write a blog, your photo is rated or even your profile is viewed by somebody else you are paid. You are rewarded for all clicks and impressions within your account. Phenomenal achievement for a Social Network who only came about four months ago. To this date they boast over six million users. Facebook only managed sixty-four thousand after six months.