SPIDERMAN: Nebu, did you see how I thrashed four people to pick up my ticket?


NEBUCHADNEZER: Shut your Aboki mouth!, what of me that nobody could challenge?


SPIDERMAN: lol, shebi one Yoruba girl has been crying that you stole her form plus the other boys from the North you bullied to withdraw. After you stupid people will be calling me a dictator.


NEBUCHADNEZER: Are you not a dictator in Khaki? Oh! Because that stupid boy from Rivers has been dashing you suit to wear plus that borrow, borrow red cap from that useless Owerri boy, you now see yourself as a democrat.


SPIDERMAN: That’s my problem with you. Now you’re coveting my new gaj. God punish you! I will show you in 2015.


NEBUCHADNEZER: Hahahaha! Election wey I don win finish! See this mumu oo!! They say once beaten twice shy. Your own thrice beaten! You no dey shame?


SPIDERMAN: You think your abracadabra will work again in 2015? The people are with me now. They want real change. Small Boko boys wey dey throw knockout you no fit control.


NEBUCHADNEZER: Are the Boko boys not your brothers? Make I see how security go dey for them to vote for you in 2015, idiot!


SPIDERMAN: I know that’s your plan but Insha Allah, there will be peace and I will trounce you convincingly. You make me even forget wetin I bin wan talk. No security. Jobs, who sai? 20 graduates wey una collect egunje from don die go. Shebi that ABA MORON still dey your office? Kai!!


NEBUCHADNEZER: Before nko? Make I sack am? You don’t know how useful those boys are to me. When my head don dey do me like make I eat grass, make I eat grass, na dem dey hold me.


SPIDERMAN: lol! No wonder you cannot get anything done! Anyway sha, am sorry! When I come into power I will make sure you are properly taken care of. Forget all those boys telling you and your friends I will send you to jail. I will not, provided you all account for every missing farthing.


NEBUCHANEZER: Which money? The one wey my love Shepopotamus hold abi na dey one Stella take buy bulletproof Kekenapep?  You are joking! You are wasting my time. Abeg make I go check whether the warship I send Tom go buy don arrive. We are getting ready for you guys. Pray I win you else….


SPIDERMAN: Else what? Come here!


NEBUCHADNEZER: Leave my shirt! (zooms off)


SPIDERMAN: you are running? Ok, I will catch you!

Watch out for episode 2


Created by @hymanprof



DISCLAIMER: The characters depicted here are fictitious and do not in any way represent any real person, living or dead.