How to Make Money Online

It turns out the internet is good for more than video gaming, watching videos, sharing photos but you can actually make money of it too. Think of the internet as a giant country were you can set up a virtual store and by playing your cards right it will be easy to make money online. Here is a list of the different websites that are legit and can help the internet browser make money from the comfort of their own sofa.


If there is anything you want to sell, then Ebay is the first source you should consider doing first. It can take a long time and hard work to build your reputation, if you are willing to put in the hours and grind yourself a good reputation then work with Ebay. In the end you will be rewarded with many privileges, Success stories of Ebay users keep emerging, people getting rich from selling books to antiques. You can work your way to a success with Ebay.


If you are into crafts and yourself a very crafty person, you will enjoy Etsy. It is an Ebay for Crafters and Artists alike. All you have to do is set up a sellers account with Etsy and you will be asked to set your virtual store front and put up a minimum of 5 items for sale. Provide top of the range quality and customers will surely return. Many people shopping on Etsy know their product and will pay a premium for handmade crafts.


Well maybe what you really need is a job and searching through the endless number of job search sites can be painful and time consuming. With Indeed it doesn’t matter which job search site you prefer using, Indeed tracks them all. If money and an assured job is all you are looking for then look no further as Indeed will certainly boost your career potential.


Classified ads, a modern equivalent of classified newspaper ads, posting ads on craiglist is technically easy, the ads are easy to navigate and use. These ads are all geographically linked, you can either provide your phone or just use your email for safety reasons.


According to recent stats we now search and watch more videos on youtube than there are searches on google. You can now profit from making and uploading your videos on youtube. So you will receive a percentage of the advertising revenue collected for every 1000 views.


If all you want to produce is digital media, then itunes is the answer. So if you are a musician, a writer, an artists, tech nerd, and pundit or can produce any type of music, video and text worthy enough for the consumer, itunes is the answer. You can make an easy living from the itunes store if you are willing to work hard and build a fan base.


If you already own a business, then get yourself listed on Yelp!. Most of us don’t really us the software, but some people use it religiously. By listing your business on Yelp! You are placing your business in the market place, get yourself on the map and boost the potential your business deserves.

The Pirate Bay

I don’t support illegal activities, but if you have a proper reason I don’t see it as immoral. If you are ready to hustle for your money, do what must be done. Download some software, music, movies or other digital goods out there. It is not an easy life but tough times, tough measures.


If you are an experienced nanny or don’t mind babysitting care.com is the place where you can make money. By listing yourself for childcare, you can broaden your reach and increase your odds of finding the right job at the right time.


A Social Network that shares half the revenue the user makes through the traffic they generate on their profile. As soon as someone opens an account with Bebuzee $1 dollar is already on your earnings and every 1000 views of post 50c is rewarded on the users profile and for every click for a direct ad 25c is also gained. The way the system works is that once $100 dollars has been accumulated you can prize that money for yourself. It is really easy to make money this way, all you have to do is socialise online just like Facebook but get rewarded for it.

These websites above are all legit and are great tools to make money online, you can be making money while browsing the web from the comfort of your home.